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Found 2 results

  1. My short story: I am a 34 year old female and recently, about 2 days ago, it hit me since last year I had been on a slow decline downward from Parkinsons disease. It was the beginning of last year I started walking strange, with physical therapy helping only temporary for a "back problem". My legs were stiff and the walking was slightly harder then. This year, the beginning of, I saw a foot doctor and a neurologist to find out that I don't have MS. I since saw a rheumatologist a month ago and she sent me back the neurologist, whom I'm seeing next week for "stiff" legs/feet. Now said, I must say I am disenchanted about my medical experiences. Right now, I have micrographia (small handwriting), hand tremors, stiff legs, shuffling feet, and muscle spasms in my lower arms. I am worried to death about my health. I am crying. I am nuts. I have no one near to me with Parkinsons. I am feeling alone. I have family, a mother, father in their 60s and a brother 2 years older. I'm a single woman in my 30s with no kids. My questions: Thus, how do I cope with these intense feelings? Is there Parkinsons support groups in the Chicago-land area? Where are they at? When do I tell my mother and father and brother I have Parkinsons? Should I hide the diagnosis? And, finally, what alternative therapies or at-home remedies have people tried for newly diagnosed Parkinsons disease? Did they work? Also, Is there anything I can do to feel better until my Neurologist hopefully prescribes me medicine that works for newly diagnosed people next week? Thank you for responding and listening. The undersigned, Lauren
  2. Annual Wellness Symposium and Young Onset Parkinson’s Conference June 15 -16 in Irvine, CA NPF is joining it’s Orange County Chapter (NPFOCC) and APDA to bring you a unique learning opportunity: NPFOCC Annual Wellness Symposium followed by the NPF/APDA Young Onset Parkinson Conference. These two events offer sessions for people of all ages who are living with Parkinson's, as well as an opportunity to network with peers from around the country. For more details and to register for the in-person event click here: http://parkinson.org/YOPC If you cannot make it to Orange County, California then join us on Saturday via Live Webcast ! For more details call 1-800-473-4636 (800-4PD-INFO). Help spread the word – Forward this email to a friend!