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Found 1 result

  1. Curt Bates

    More Questions than answers

    Wow! This is an awesome place for knowledge and support! I am new to the neighborhood and like so many of you have more questions than answers! I think that talking to people that have PD is the best source to find out answers. My story: I am a 43 year old, small business owner (ACE hardware), suffer from hypothyroidsm for 31 years, and otherwise in decent health. Over a year ago I began having trouble swallowing and brushing my teeth. I couldn't spit the toothpaste out without it going all over me. I, for whatever reason, chalked it up to stress. The problem presisted but wasn't high on my priority list as it didn't happen everyday. I also begin to notice that I couldnt print anything legible. I could write it, but it was super small and jumbled up. I just figured that since I use the keyboard for all correspondence I had gotten out of practice. Dumb, I know but I was struggling to understand. About six months ago, I began slurring my words and having real difficulty speaking. Not all the time, just very sporadic. I also developed a twitch in my right pinky finger and my right leg has always "bounced" when I was resting ( my wife always said this was due to my hyperness). I begin to have more concern as to the cause of the tremors and if the other "weird things" were related. This is where the path begins. I saw GP who ordered an MRI, which proved to be negative. I was referred to a neuro for initial examination. She performed the typical examinations (i.e. spiral test, walking, balance, etc.). Upon conclusion of tests, she told me I didn't swing my right arm when I walked. I, nor my wife had ever noticed that little detail! I asked what that meant and what she thought might be wrong with me. She suspects PD but refferred me to a movement specialist because of my age and ordered a datScan. The frustration begins here. Insurane will not approve the datScan until I see a movement specialist. The earliest I can see a MDS is 4 months away. UGH! The frustration is terrible! I have read so many of your stories that have similar characteristics to mine. I am fine with a dx of PD but I am worried that waiting so long to begin meds will speed up the disease. I know that doesnt really make sense but it is a concern. I know that waiting patiently is something everyone has to do, but when you are the one waiting, it is hard! My questions would be: 1) Is the delay to seeing a MDS going to speed the disease along? 2) Are my symptoms characteristic of other PD patients? Like I said, if this is PD, I am fine with it, I am just ready to start finding my way down my new path of LIFE! Thanks for listening and I pray nothing but peace for all of you!