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Found 3 results

  1. Anthony Garrett

    Young onset Parkinson's disease

    https://www.facebook.com/myjouneypdlilant/ How do you cope? I started a Facebook page to spread awareness and help others understand Parkinson's disease is more than just a tremor.
  2. metfan31

    be a Survivor

    Okay I'm requesting support from all of you on this and here is why: It may be soft at times, but We have a voice, let us use it! I believe if enough of you go to YouTube, hit 'like' and comment on the following that we can get the attention of the casting team, who may cast me, or some other PWP. I am 34 years old, Dxd with YOPD in Oct 2013, I am married (10yrs), have 3 healthy happy sons, & one more in heaven, I work from home full time, and these are just the basic facts... For a long time it has been a dream or unrealistic goal of mine to get onto CBS Survivor (reality TV show). For a while I wanted to do this to show the world that life does go on for grieving parents. This was before Dx with PD. It felt like I would need to start trying before I got too old, and that time was my biggest opposition. Now since Dx I now also think it would be cool to let the world see another side of PD (very young and very early in the disease). Mostly now I know I want to do this for myself as an once in a lifetime adventure, but since starting meds I now know that it wasn't just getting old, but getting sicker. Therefore pressures of time seem all the more oppressive, as none of us PWP know how long we'll be able to function as well as we need to. I recently made a new audition video for Survivor Casting that includes the fact that I have PD, and I have submitted it to them. Sending in a video to them is the equivalent of tossing a penny into a fountain and making a wish. With time running against me I am more determined to try every resource I have to get their attention, and I would like to appeal my fellow PWP to show exactly how many of us there are and that we support each other. I'm not asking for any money or anyone to go public, but simply go onto YouTube, watch my 3 minute video, give it a thumbs up, and if compelled; make a comment about how it would be nice to see a PWP on Survivor. Link to video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP7rov-mcbE To 'like' it on YouTube you have to go to the actual website (click on 'youtube' logo in the bottom right corner to go there) and be a registered user. If you are not already registered I am not asking you to do so on my behalf, but YouTube is free to use and register. Please don't think I am spamming the website as a few days ago I posted this within another topic, but now it should have its own string on here to make sure more people see it. If you have any feedback I'm open to it, be it about the video or my request to get your support. My goal is not to take advantage of others with the same affliction and I do not wish to bring any additional stress as I personally know the damage that wields. Thank You Richard aka Metfan31 aka Captain Irish...
  3. For awareness month I have created a video to introduce a "face" to Parkinson's http://vimeo.com/90142276. Please share if you like it. mike