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Found 20 results

  1. Discovery


    Dr. Okun, Is Prolopa a drug of choice when a patient is early stage showing tremor and ridgity? (12.5/50) Are there greater side affects with Prolopa then Sinemet? Is there a drug reaction between Prolopa and Azilect? When do find it's a good fit with your patients? Thank you Discovery
  2. Discovery


    Hi Mark, Can you tell me if there's any interaction between Azilect and CBD OIL...9,8mg/ml THC. 9.1mg/ml CBD ? Thank you!
  3. Hey all - a family member was recently diagnosed and has been prescribed Azilect, an MAO-B inhibitor. I'm a nutrition major, so naturally I wanted to read up on any dietary restrictions. I've read that one should avoid consuming foods that are high in tyramine when taking this medication, as it can lead to increased blood pressure. I have a list of foods to avoid, but was wondering how much restriction is necessary? What are the limitations? It would be great if a Registered Dietitian could chime in! Thanks and happy holidays
  4. pdt

    Azilect and Tyramine

    58 year old female, athletic and in "good" health. Just diagnosed with early PD. No tremors or gait issues. Just light bradykinesia and rigidity in my hand. Dr. wants me to start 1mg of Azilect. There is confusing information on line regarding food interactions. Saw a few sites that say there's no issues with tyramine with 1 mg of Azilect and others say avoid all foods high in tyramine. (having read this I wouldn't even think of drinking a whole bottle of soy sauce at one meal!) What is the latest recommendation?
  5. My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's 10 years ago. We don't live anywhere near a doctor who specializes in Parkinson's, so we rely on her neurologist to adjust her medications. And they have been adjusted a lot. She was on azilect early on in her diagnosis, but went off of it because it was expensive. The only thing she is on right now is sinemet. She takes a half pill 5 times a day. Anything more than that makes her nauseous. She also takes a half an anxiety pill and half of a hydrocodone for pain when needed. She has tried many other Parkinson's meds but most make her nauseous or have too many side effects. All of this has affected her appetite, she has to force herself to eat because she has no appetite. She is 5'2 and weighs 82 pounds. She did well on Azilect before when she took it years ago. My question is this, does azilect work on someone with more advanced Parkinson's? Would it help cover the sinemet's "off" times? We are really at our last resort with medications. We have tried just about everything. Of course I also wonder if her having no appetite could be cause of a stomach issue of some kind. She gets indigestion a lot. She also takes 325mg of aspirin daily. Any thoughts you could give me on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tricia
  6. I will be switching from Azilect (taken for 1 1/2 years) to selegiline due to price increase from the insurance company. Is it best to get off of Azilect for a few days before starting selegiline, or does it not matter? The only other PD medication I'm taking is Amantadine.
  7. Does Azilect only slow down the disease progression if administered early? I know this claim is controversial but would adding it later stages of Parkinson’s results in any neuroprotection or slowing down of the decease? Since it will be going generic soon, would the benefits outweigh the cost?
  8. Is Requip or Azilect still an effective treatment as an add-on therapy for Sinemet after DBS?
  9. Thanks for reading. I'll try and keep this short. Early Sept., my prev. neuro doubled up my Sinemet dose, (from taking one 25/100 pill 3x a day to 2 pills 3x a day) because my symptoms were reduced, but not gone, which seemed to baffle her (noticed first symptoms in 2012, diagnosed in May 2013, on Sinemet for a few weeks in 2013, then Requip from about Sept 2013 to April 2014, put back on Sinemet Jan of this year). But in the month's time on the double dose, I experienced dyskensia-like symptoms (head movement, body movement when standing, left leg feeling weak and jittery when standing for a while causing me to favor my right let to keep standing, multiple-clicks on one press of the mouse button). When I relayed that info to her, she told me to go back down to one pill per dose, which cleared up most of those symptoms. The double-dose did help with arm stiffness and tremors, so those were back more too, though the double dose still did not totally get rid of them. I could have gone back on Requip, since that also did help, despite the side-effect of making me drowsy, but since I was going to see a new neuro in Nov, I decided to stay with my original dose of Sinemet and see what the new neuro might suggest. My new neuro has put me on Azilect 0.5 mg along with my dose of Sinemet. I started taking it this past Thursday, so Sunday marks my 4th dose so far. No noticeable improvements, but I know that may take a few weeks/months. So far, I've experienced minimal side effects. Slight nausia for 2-4 hours after taking the pill, but not much more than a a minimal feeling of stomach discomfort, nothing to write home about, and some minimal dyskenisa. Noticeable, but not as much as the double-dose of Sinemet created. However, I've also noticed an increase in my left arm feeling jittery, kind of like what I would imagine restless leg syndrom would feel like, except in my arm. Not all the time, and it seems if I move or stretch the arm, it helps it feel better for a few seconds. The most anoying part of that is when I'm trying to go to sleep. Even on the double-dose of Sinemet, my symptoms didn't prevent me from falling asleep. But my left arm doesn't want to calm down enough to let me unless I'm really tired. Then, if I wake up for some reason, I find it hard to get back to sleep because the arm keeps me awake wanting to shake and move. At times, it is almost as if the med is making the tremors in my arm worse, not better. So my questions are as follows. Is my left arm (the one PD symptoms first appeared) experiencing side-effects of Azilect, possibly in combination with Sinemet? If so, is there anything that can be done to minimize this? (My current med schedule is Sinemet: noon, 6pm, midnight; Azilect: 3pm - I usually sleep from around 5am to noon.) As the Azilect makes more of a differnece in the weeks ahead, might I expect to see this symptom get better or possibly worse? Could any of this be an indication that it might be beneficial to reduce the Sinemet intake or possibly be able to get totally off it and just use Azilect? I know my doc will make that call, just wondering if that is a possible outcome if the Azilect helps significantly in the next few weeks, especially if the dyskensia effects increase as time goes by. This one you may not know, but are you aware of any research that might indicate PD symtomps originating not so much from lack of dopamine production, but by an over production of MAO-B, so that one's system cannot keep up with how fast it is getting rid of the dopamine? If so, seems a med like Azilect would be ideal, and why throwing more dopamine at it would help, but not be as effective as the other way around. Thanks.
  10. Is there any information or medical opinions on drinking an occasional beer or wine with PD? Currently taking Azilec, Amantadine and Trihexyphenidyi and a Neutro patch.
  11. MIVEGO


    Dear Doctor, I am male 51 dx PD since 2002, now I´m taking Azilect 1 mg. daily as recommended since 2 years (plus sinemet 250/25, 2 pills during the day), I had my dbs surgery in august 2010 bilaterally implanted in Gpi, my question is about what is really doing for me Azilect, I know it´s neuroprotective, and slow the progression of the disease, it´s really true? it has been demonstrated?. I don´t feel any effect of this drug nor side effects, and it´s expensive for me but if you tell me that it´s better to take it than not to do it, then I will keep taking it, but please I would like to know your reasons. Thank you in advance for all your help.
  12. Judyadams560

    Azilect and Depression

    My husband is recently diagnosed with Parkinson's and is on Azilect. He is also taking lamatrigine and Xanax XR. He suffers from depression. What antidepressants can he take with Azilect and his other medications?
  13. 1-800-4PD-INFO

    Metropolol and Azilect and C/L

    Is it ok to take Metropolol with my Azilect and C/L?
  14. Positivepdguy

    Azilect Effectiveness

    Greetings. I have stopped taking Azilect after discussing its ineffectiveness with a top neurologist researcher. I tried the on/off periods with the drug and did not find any difference. I have also tried antagonists which gave me some bad side effects. Would like your advice on alternate solutions. Exercises do help.
  15. I am newly diagnosed but have a tremor in my right hand that has been driving me crazy for 2 yrs. The doc I saw told me to take azilect for one week,, then phase into sinemet over the next 4 weeks. I've been reading lots of posts from others with PD, and also watching informational videos online -- some seem to say it's best to hold off on the "big guns" til things are really bad. Should I try to put up with this tremor for as long as I can stand, knowing the sinemet will lose efficacy after awhile? How many drug choices are there, really? I want to be in this for the long haul and don't want to cut off options later. Thanks for any advice.
  16. camt68

    Skin Discoloration

    Dr. Okun, I recently started taking Azilect in addition to Mirapex ER 3mg. A few days later, my toes swelled up. I just assumed that this was a side effect from the Azilect and was not too concerned until I noticed discoloration in my toes. The skin is darker and looks slightly bruised. I called my MDS, but was only able to speak to his nurse. His instruction was to stop taking the Azilect until the swelling and discoloration cleared up. After several days, the swelling has gone down a little, but not the color. I have no pain. Is skin discoloration a side effect from the medication? (my MDS doesn't seem to think it is) Should I be concerned that my situation has not cleared up by now? Thank you for your time.
  17. eaglewoodwill

    New Diagnosis...Pretty Worried.

    Was diagnosed by a fairly prominent MD doc on 10-17. I am 47 and have had left leg and foot tremors, left arm rigidity and gait issues. I also had a treatment for Lymes (5 of the six bands positive). Doc mentioned a DAT test to more strongly confirm the diagnosis. In short, whatever it is, I am terrified. The message the MD Doc gave me was "You are the same guy who walked in the door of this building an hour ago. Your diagnosis changes nothing about who you are and what you do." I have not started any meds due to the pending DAT test, but if needed, I am leaning toward Azilect. I look forward to your thoughts. Thanks for letting me sound off....Will
  18. DX 17 years ago, I am 52, but still able to do almost everything, as meds have been relatively effective. After reading some of the posts regarding Azilect and Sinemet I am questioning their effectiveness taken together? And I have another question to follow. Thought I should give you my history and symptoms to aid in your reply. My dosage is: First thing 5 am- 1 - 25/100 sinemet, plus, we just increased Azilect from .05 to .10 (taken just with the am sinemet.) To help with the wearing off and dyskenisia that can come from the CR. 1 1/2 hours later I take a half of 50/200 cr. Over the course of the day I take a half of 25/100 sinemets as needed. At bedtime, I take the other half of the 50/200 with .05 clonazepam. As my Neuro thinks I have RLS. I am not sure about it being RLS- It is not a creepy crawly feeling, it is tremors, shaking. My tremor started with my right foot 17 years ago, obviously the tremors have increased a bit and are in my legs. When my meds have worn off I have significant tremors from my waist down that can last 2 hrs +, depending on my stomach content, which I am very aware of. With these tremors I have to stand or have pressure on my feet/ legs as it is impossible to sit unless I curl my legs around and hold them. By this time my whole body is shaking. ( what I would relate to DT's, as I have seen on tv) My questions are: Should I take the Sinemet and Azilect together or spread them out? My Neuro left it up to me when to take the added Azilect. 2. Are my tremors in my legs RLS? My Neuro has said "he wishes he had seen me before I was put on meds". I was Dx by a different Neuro. He has only seen me once when I was experiencing the severe tremors in my lower body, and that was for a few minutes. He said, he didnt think it was from PD, and didn't have an explanation. He did however prescribe propananol for the "severe tremor" take as needed 40 mg. They leave me feeling mentally disconnected, so I only take them as a last resort. I remain very active physically as I thinks this has benefited. Any thoughts will be appreciated. Drummergirl
  19. Dear Dr.Okun, I am on Azilect 1 mg daily + Senimet 25/100 x3times+recently Comtan 200x3 times during last ~2 years for tremor dominated PD. The only effect from Azilect is a hope that it can delay PD progression. Recently at one of PD conference I heard that Azilect (as well as Q10) no more in the list of drags that gives us a hope to delay PD progression. What is your opinion ? Do I have to continue to take Azilect even if I don't see any positive effect ? Thank you.
  20. waltjay

    Azilect user survey

    Debbie Peternana has a company in Texas that does surveys for drug companies. She is looking for 35 folks with PD who are currently taking Azilect to do a 20 minute online survey. Participants will receive a $15 incentive and Debbie will make another $15 donation to the Spokane Tremble Clefs therapeutic singing group for each one who participates. Incidentally, Debbie is a good friend of the Tremble Clefs who was instrumental in helping us reach 400 'Likes' on Facebook and also made a very generous donation ($400) to our group. If you qualify and are willing to participate, please contact Debbie at her email address given below. Thanks much and let's see if we can get those 35 folks! Debbie Peternana President, ReRez 18333 Preston Road, Suite 425/MB#7 Dallas, TX 75252 Direct: 214-269-1660 Cell: 469-682-9133 Fax: 214-239-3808 Main: 214-239-3939 Em: debbiep@rerez.com Web: www.rerez.com