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Found 2 results

  1. beemacs

    Need to switch meds?

    Dear Mark, I have written to you before about Rytary which I have given up on. I was dxed in 2004, age 52. I was started on Sinemet I think very soon after. I checked & as far back as I can find (2009) I have been taking Ropinirole ER 4mg, Amantidine 100 mg, Azilect 1 mg once daily plus 10 mg c/l 6 x daily. I am having little on times & a lot of freezing & off times. I asked my neuro about changing meds & he said I'm on the best ones but I was wondering if my body is immune to them & a change might help. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Brenda
  2. Jack65

    What's next?

    Hello to all! Some may remember me some may not. I am back in the US from Africa. It seems my PD has me at a disadvantage these days. However, I'm ready for whatever is next or at least I think I am. I feel God is with me and I have a loving and supportive family who is by my side. But I am saying "what is next"?! Do find yourself thinking or saying what is next? The thing that sticks in my craw a bit is that my PD is forcing this question and changing my situation. So how is this lack of dopamine in your brain affecting your life and what's next for you? Please share, I know I could learn quite a bit from my fellow shakers and movers. Here is what I am pondering that could be "next" for me: My doctor wants me to do DBS so does my family? Hmmm wire in the brain? Do I try for Government disability - paper work! Yikes! African medical missionary = what skills in the US as far as a career? Got to find a place for me and my wife to live, where? So a new adventure begins! How about you? Ps - JB are you out there?