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Found 5 results

  1. amy2beth

    Got my 23andme results

    Hi, Just wanted to share that I received my Fox Insights 23andme dna results back. I did not have the 2 Parkinson's genes they test for. Go figure! Doesn't make it go away, but good to know I guess. Also, I saw a movement disorder specialist and had a datscan that confirmed early-onset Parkinson's but she wants to hold off on meds until my symptoms get unmanageable. Has anyone else's doctor suggested this? Lastly, do any of you feel way more anxious, shaky, jittery when you are sick? I have a horrible cold and have felt wretched for a week. I don't recall cold viruses affecting me that way before diagnosis. Thanks everyone!
  2. For the last three months I have experienced chills and a feeling of extreme cold that frequently coincides with the wearing off period of medication. No temp. I take sinemet 25/100 x 2 every 31/2 to 4 hours and 3 mg mirapex ER once a day. Can this be related to medication or is it something else. Thank you.
  3. Bernard Shakey

    Cold weather

    So here's a new, fun thing about Parkinson's I just discovered. I live in NYC and we've been having extremely warm, unseasonable weather the last couple of months. But yesterday it dropped down into the 20s with a brisk wind. I was out walking around for about twenty minutes and my right leg (especially the calf) stiffened up and my shoulders and knees felt achy. When I got inside I noticed groups of muscles starting to twitch that never have before. I've lived around here all my life and never had the cold affect me like that. Anyone else have problems with cold weather? Anything help? Thanks.
  4. I went to a college football game yesterday. It was bitterly cold, with temperatures starting in the low 30's and dropping into the 20's. Anyway, late in the game I started to get pretty cold and my left side was really shaking. Does anyone else find that their PD is noticeably worse with the cold (or other environmental factors)?
  5. richp24

    Cold Feet

    I often have cold and achy feet which adds to my mobility issues. Is this a symptom of PD and can anything be done to remedy it?