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Found 5 results

  1. Hi every one. I am 25, and have been searching for a diagnosis since last year. However, this has gone way past the point I thought it would. When I began looking, I thought I had fibromyalgia, or at the worst MS. However, when a doctor (not a neurologist) saw my movements, she thought is was chorea (form of dystonia) and told me I might have Huntington's. The neurologist I was sent to never put much stock in this, and did not test for it. However, he now believes that I have Parkinson's, because when he saw me one day I had motor tics, trouble walking, and a resting tremor. Before that day, I never noticed a tremor, and I had been keeping eye out for one. I've dealt with the rest for over a year. I am having trouble accepting this diagnosis, and I don't know if it is denial, or if I need to get a second opinion. However, I do not know how to get one. The insurance I have won't cover me going to just any doctor, and I think this is the only nuero that I can go to. Does anyone know how much something like that might cost? I go back and forth on whether or not the medication helps. I am ALWAYS in a lot of body pain- this is why I thought I had fibromyalgia - and the sinmet seems to help this some. Does anyone else experience that? I also have bad balance, slurred speech, stiffness, muscle spasms, and chronic migraines. I am easily mistaken for drunk, because of the way I move and speak. There are times when my ability to think is about the same level as someone who is drunk. I have thought for a while that this is part of the migraines, which I have dealt with since childhood. But I am curious to know if any one else deals with something similar. Thanks!
  2. Hi I am active duty Military and have been for 12 years. For about four years now I have been suffering from some medical issues but I have never really liked going to medical for any reason. It wasn't until I lost complete grip in my left hand, loss all sensation in my face, leg, arm all on my left side and that is when I had decided it was enough. I went to see a orthospine doctor and he informed me that my muscle were very tight causing them to constrict onto my nerves making the pain someday unbearable. I was put on Neurontin a nerve deadener and Zanaflex which is a muscle relaxer. This was the first of many doctors I would begin to see over the span of a year and still no relief. I began to have more and more new oncoming symptoms, migraine headaches on the left side of my head, I lost peripheral vision in my left eye, got weaker in my left side of my body, started stumbling more, had trouble sleeping, my daily movement had slowed down, I had started to have tremors so bad that I had to use a spoon to eat at times, again my muscles were stiff, on the left side of my body I could not do a finger to nose to finger test without missing the doctors finger and having intention tremors at the end. I also had other symptoms that my wife and my Primary Care Doctor had noticed. I was beginning to get tired real quick, my handwriting was sloppy and small, my fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and not easy remembering the easiest stuff was noted on a neuropsychology test. The depression got worse, I started having problems swallowing, again the numbness and tingling in my arms and legs, losing my sense of smell, losing my sense of pain on the left side, while walking my left arm just hangs there, constipation, and increased sweating. I finally got an appointment to see a neurologist and much to my surprise he was not a neurodegenerative doctor but a migraine specialist. He sent me for an MRI and it showed a possible Neuroepithiel Cyst in my Left Choroid Fissure Region but I am not convinced that's what it is and also white matter change bilaterally unspecified. He called all my issuse Stress Related. So not being convinced I requested a second opinion because like I said this has been going on for four-five years and I wasn't stressed that much back then or now. So I arrived at my second opinion and the doctor who specializes in Neurodegenerative Diseases which happened to be in the same hallway and next door as the other neurologist said that he was very alarmed on my symptoms and sat back and ask what the other Dr had said. When I told him he smirked and said Yeah that's what I think too. Have a good day. What do i do? Is this worth going to see yet another doctor? Please Help? Thanks William Wall
  3. Hi, my dad is 89-years-old, and he has had Parkinson's for about nine years. He is currently on 25/100 Sinemet which he takes three times a day at 6am., 12p.m. and 6p.m. He also takes Aricept for dementia at 6p.m., and he recently started taking clonazepam (1/4 of a tablet) at bedtime to help with his sleep disturbance, but it makes him very drowsy. He was having a lot of nightmares and vivid dreams which caused him to wake up confused and often hallucinate. He would also try to get out the bed. The clonazepam seems to be working, but he still gets confused and hallucinates during the day sometimes, and he is having a lot of problems with excess saliva and drooling due to swallowing problems, although he still eats very well. Also, he does walk with assistance via the use of a gait belt, but his legs freezes up on him sometimes. Here are my questions: 1. His doctor recently suggested that he use benztropine (1mg.) for the excess saliva on an as needed basis, but based on the research I have done so far, I am concerned that this medication will cause him to hallucinate and be more confused due to his age. Also, some of the research that I have read indicate that this medication will not be effective unless taken regulary. Do you think we should try this medication or not? (We currenlty give him ice chips, sugarless candy and apple cider vinegar w/ water to help with drooling and digestive issues.) 2. I want to start giving my dad his 6p.m. Sinemet at 5p.m. instead so he can have more time to digest his food. Currently, he eats dinner at 7p.m. to make sure that the Sinemet has time to go through his system, but he usually goes to bed at 8:30p.m or 9p.m. Will there be any negative effects from changing the time of this medication, and how much time should he have to digest his food before sleeping?
  4. My 91-year-old mother-in-law has had PD for 10 years. For the past 18 months she has been in a skilled nursing/nursing home facility. For many years she has dealt with UTI's, and for the past year she has had frequent ones. Most recently she was hospitalized for two weeks receiving two different antibiotics through an IV. During her stay in the hospital she did not experience anxiety or freezes, her voice was strong and she ate very well and left the hospital stronger and better than she had been for months. Upon returning to the nursing home, she immediately experienced anxiety, freezes, a great deal of writhing (not present in the hospital), agitation, weak voice, dementia and is once again not eating very well (all of these were present before going to the hospital). Her neurologist and psychiatrist are located out-of-town but we are working with them to regulate medications. The agitation and negativity is our greatest concern at the present; these were not issues for the two weeks she was in the hospital. She is once again resisting medications and help from the CNA's. Tonight we got a call from the facility requesting we come over to encourage her to take an Ativan. She was accusing her son of punching her (which did not happen) and occasionally when she is like this the calls we receive from her are accusing the staff of killing people and giving lethal injections (when in actuality they are dispensing insulin shots). She has called the police on a couple of occasions in the night to report what is going on at the facility. We do not know what to do; we visit her every afternoon so are alert and sensitive to her actions and behaviors. We are going to request another UA tomorrow even though she just had one a week ago that was clear. We want to be able to help her and advocate for her but are out of ideas. We feel truly helpless and are obviously exhausted. Where do we turn for help?
  5. I'm writing this for my mom. She was diagnosed in Jan 2011 w/ PD: Symptoms were odd feeling in stomach from motions like stirring or washing hair. Also had a PD like gait, tremor in left hand, pain in left arm & high bp. I was started on 25/100 Sinemet 2x daily and stayed that way for 12 months. In Feb 2012 I was being treated for uncontrolled blood pressure & hospitalized for 7 days while they tried to get it under control. During that time, my PD diagnosis was questioned by hospital staff, I was taken off of Sinemet. After stopping Sinemet (I'm thinking now there's a connection to symptom) I had confusion. My blood pressure was never stabilized & I have since learned that I have an atrophic right kidney due to renal artery stenosis too severe to stent. My doctor is now talking about a nephrectomy due to multiple bp med combinations not making any difference (my morning bp runs about 200/100 as few bp meds in my system). I was exhausted, sleeping solidly 18 hours or so a day when I could, could barely shuffle and so in March 2012 I restarted Sinemet same dosage. I don't know that we noticed much difference after restarting and in July I was still weak, hard time walking, and started having some memory problems but mostly logic issues or concentration. I changed Neurologists & he said I had PD due to some physical tests & increased my dose of Sinemet. 1st I went to 1 25/100 3x per day for 2 weeks then 1.5 3x/day for the last 10 days w/ plans to increase to 2 3x/day in 4 days. I've now had worse memory issues & actually forgot my daughter briefly (2 minutes). I also tell stories that sound more like recounting a dream where all the facts don't go together & parts are left out. I know I'm having trouble while telling the story, but I don't realize how odd it is or unconnected. Others are telling me about the memory issues but I know I'm having trouble. My daughter noticed a few days ago it seemed to ramp up after my 2nd dosing of Sinemet & by evening I was almost acting tipsy-drunk. She reduced the evening Sinemet to 1 from 1.5 & we are thinking of doing the same to the afternoon dose. Complicating the connection is that I started a new bp med (Spironolactone) @ the same time as the Sinemet ramp-up. I've stopped it yesterday w/ dr's approval in case that was the cause. With the increased Sinemet, I do have more energy, but almost to the hyper side. And I eat everything in sight. I had blood work & head CT which all came back w/ no explanation for forgetting or dreamlike stories. I've told my neurologist everything but didn't get a call back Friday & that's why we reduced the Sinemet on our own as the memory thing is really scary. Long background story for a few questions: Can Sinemet cause these sudden odd stories & memory issues? Blood work showed dopamine level of 4412 when I was on 3 25/100 Sinemets a day. Is that normal? Can you have a sudden PD downslide to have ok memory one day & forget the daughter you've lived w/ for 9 months next. All memory & confusion episodes are brief (a few minutes to maybe 15 minutes). Any other suggestions/help would be so welcome. And of course, I'm in constant contact w/ my nephrologist & am only looking for other help. Thanks.