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Found 2 results

  1. janvier

    Can dry eyes be treated.

    Dear Doctor, Until recently I did not know about the relation between dry eyes and psrkinson"s.I hev PD for the last 20 years. I have had one VIM and one bilataral STN. The STN is stimuleted. On 2016 I started having dry eyes and seeing object double, surfaces covered with geometric shapes and edges and coners with moving little insects.I know that as regular treatment I have to take eye drops to luudricate the eyeball I have the following questions: 1. Is there a strong medication or exercise or surgical instrument that will speed up the initial treatement That can get the eyes back to normal and then start the regular maintenance. many opthalmologists have very llittle idea on this relationsip between the two diseases. 2. Is there any relarinship between dry eyes and diurnly halucinations. Since I tried to write this looking at a screen wit everything doubled, there are probably typos. Sorry for that. Thanks,
  2. Question for online doctor: Hi, my dad is 89 yrs. old, and he has advanced Parkinson's with dementia, but he is lucid most of the time. Recently, he has been salivating and drooling excessively. I have tried a variety of non-medical treatments (ex. ice, sugarless candy, tea w/ lemon), but it has gotten so bad now that we had to buy a suction machine. Unfortunately, we live on a small island with only one ENT who has never used Botox for drooling, so this is not an option for my dad. His neurologist prescribed glycopyrrolate, but I am afraid of using it, because he is prone to hallucinations already, which we have been treating with a 1/2 dose of clonazepam at night. He also takes 25/100 Sinemet 3x a day and Aricept (10 mg.) once a day. Do you have any suggestions of what we can do to help alleviate his swallowing problem? I heard that pineapple juice and ginger tea may help with the excess saliva, have you ever heard of this? We also just started using a tablespoon of coconut oil in his cereal to see if that will help with any of his symptoms. My other two major concerns now are his blood pressure and his vision. He has been experiencing sharp drops in his pressure upon rising from a lying position and after meals. We are giving him Pedialyte for this on an as needed basis. One of his doctors suggested giving him the Pedialyte every day, but since my dad has a history of hypertension (which is controlled by the Sinemet), I am reluctant to do that. I will definitely double check this with his neurologist. I also noticed that he has been keeping his eyes closed a lot. I thought he was doing this because he has dry eyes, but now I’m thinking this is an involuntary action due to apraxia. (He has the masked face appearance.) We give him Systane eye drops every two hours daily and Trobodex when his eyes look inflamed (he's only used it once for a 10 day period at bedtime). I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Oh, he had surgery on July 10 for a hernia, aside from a hematoma, his recovery is going well. (His pressure was dropping prior to his surgery.)