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Found 8 results

  1. janvier

    Can dry eyes be treated.

    Dear Doctor, Until recently I did not know about the relation between dry eyes and psrkinson"s.I hev PD for the last 20 years. I have had one VIM and one bilataral STN. The STN is stimuleted. On 2016 I started having dry eyes and seeing object double, surfaces covered with geometric shapes and edges and coners with moving little insects.I know that as regular treatment I have to take eye drops to luudricate the eyeball I have the following questions: 1. Is there a strong medication or exercise or surgical instrument that will speed up the initial treatement That can get the eyes back to normal and then start the regular maintenance. many opthalmologists have very llittle idea on this relationsip between the two diseases. 2. Is there any relarinship between dry eyes and diurnly halucinations. Since I tried to write this looking at a screen wit everything doubled, there are probably typos. Sorry for that. Thanks,
  2. karlaefunk

    Visual Hallucinations in PD

    My mother has PD. She is 68yrs old and was diagnosed less than 2 years ago when she developed a tremor in one hand. It has since progressed to a bilateral hand tremor that disappears with intentional movement. I also believe her shuffling walk is PD-related but of course she is also living with osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. She has chosen to avoid treatment for PD at this time and takes no other medications other than the occasional prn. She does not seem to show signs of dementia although her memory is getting poorer. My question is this: how early can visual hallucinations occur in PD? I have not done a lot of research but what I have read indicates that this is a late sign of PD and happens closer to end of life. She notes that she has been seeing benevolent "ghosts" in her house for at least 10 years. Could she have had PD much longer than expected? Could this have been an early sign? Could the 10 year span also be part of her delusion? Could this be a sign of rapid progression? Thank you for your time, Karla
  3. http://forum.parkinson.org/index.php?/topic/19974-auditory-hallucinations/?p=102844 My dad has maybe internal vibrations and hears buffeting kind of sound(which others don't hear) perhaps. He says he hears it almost the whole time when in the house. I am not sure if it is hallucination or actual PD symptoms. However, we have observed that it is present when we are at home. Outside ( not immediate outside, I mean when we are far away ) he feels it reduces. He feels the people residing on the floor above us have some magnetic device which causes a magnetic field and it is affecting him ( I don't know If something like this can happen. Provide insight if possible. ). I have seen the difference myself as well so whatever it is, it affects him physically. I want to know how do I help him? When he says that he hears sounds what am I supposed to tell him? Should I tell him that I can't hear anything ? ( This is what I always do. I believe if I agree with him it might cause him to get confused about real and imaginary. I want him to know it is in his head and to fight it. ). In fact, for the magnetic thing I tried to show him that there isn't a strong magnetic field around him whenever he felt the pull/vibrations using an Android App. It is not very accurate but is sufficient for my purpose I think. Some relatives have advised me against countering my dad's hearing sound complaints and suggest agreeing with him ... more like consoling a small kid... I feel this approach is not correct. Can someone advise me on this?
  4. amiramkhan

    Amantadine and Hallucinations

    Hi doctor, My 78 year old father in Pakistan is a Parkinsons patient for 10 years+ and is on Requip and Sinemet. Around 2.5 months back his doctor put him on Amantadine. A month after that my dad started having visual hallucinations - seeing people etc. About 2 weeks back the doctor, upon learning this, stopped his amantadine. My mother, who manages my dad, started tapering it off and stopped it completely 8 days back. He is still having off and on hallucinations. My question is, how long does amantadine take to get out of the system? Could these hallucinations still be attributed to amantadine? He also takes atropine drops for excessive salivation - has been taking them since 5 years in a controlled dose. Please help. Am feeling distressed. Thank you for all that you do for the patients and their families.
  5. My husband has Parkinson's and dementia. With his dementia, he has some delusions and hallucinations. He was diagnosed in 2007 at the age of 55. He has been on a regimen of Stalevo 150 mg four times a day for quite some time. He is also on Azilect 1 mg and Namenda 10 mg twice a day and Aricept 23. He is about 75% urinary incontinent and beginning the journey of bowel incontinence. He continues to become so rigid that he doesn't want to sit down. His back does not bend and he is very stiff. It is almost like a back bend for him to sit down. To increase the Stalevo will definitely increase his delusions and hallucinations per the neuro. (Neuro said we could increase his Stalevo to 200 mg 4 times a day.) Also, we did increase it (150 mg 5 times a day) a few years back to help him with his rigidity and it was so bad that I was constantly trying to keep him from wanting to leave to meet people for meetings that he believed were planned. I called the doctor and we backed the drug down to 4 times a day (150 mg). My dilemma: It is up to me to make this decision because he doesn't complain, but I see how hard it is for him to bend and strain to sit on a toilet or chair. But, I am so concerned about the delusions and hallucinations. It was so scary before and I'm fearful of bringing back this person who is paranoid and afraid. Can anyone tell me how they handle this type of situation? Prayers would be appreciated.
  6. jrousos@embarqmail.com


    Good Afternoon, My Dad has Parkinson's and is currently taking the below medication. This past week, my Mom added Flomax to his day and 2 days later he started having hallucinations during the day (when she is at work). She stopped the Flomax and the following day he had another one. They are visual hallucinations, he saw people in the house. It's odd that it's happening only when he's home alone. She is currently looking to retire to be a full time caregiver. My question, do you think the flomax could have caused this? This is the newest medicine added. Once she stopped giving it to him it happened one more time. After discontinuing the flomax, she gave him .25 of xanax the following night and the night after. He was fine (but was also not alone) during the day and then yesterday he complained of nausea. I suspect the nausea was from the xanax. So she has discontinued it. One last thing to add. The Wellbutrin. Do you find it's the most popular anti depressant given to patients? I'm convinced he needs something different or more of what he is currently taking, but I just don't know. He has an appointment soon with his neuro. Thanks for your time! Any input would greatly be appreciated. 8:00 am 2 buPROpion Hydrochlorine 75mg ; 1 Namenda 5mg; 1 and 1/2 Cardilopa=levodopa 25-100 12:00 noon 1 and 1/2 Cardilopa=levodopa 25-100 400pm 1 and 1/2 Cardilopa=levodopa 25-100 800pm 2 buPROpion Hydrochlorine 75mg ; 1 Namenda 5mg; 1 and 1/2 Cardilopa=levodopa 25-100; 1 Lipitor 10mg ; 1 81mg aspirine. 9:00 1 Tamsulosin 0.4 mg (Flomax)
  7. greggardner

    Talking About Hallucinations

    What's the best way to speak to a PD patient about hallucinations. I realize that arguing with the patient is not productive and may even be harmful. I don't want to cause the patient any additional frustration by contradicting him when he claims to see things that are not real. I do tell him that I believe him when he says he see things, but I also tell him that he is hallucinating. Thanks.
  8. jrousos@embarqmail.com

    Hallucinations after Fall

    Good Evening, Last week my Dad had a bad fall and broke his humerous in four places. He has Parkinson's Disease (12 years now) and Post Polio. Walks with ortho boots and a walker. In any case as a result of the fall, he had to have a blood tranfusion, (actually 4 bags to be exact), so his hemoglobin was better and he was released to in house Rehab. He's having hallucinations (which he had before) and the Dr. had just started him on Seroquel. My question, how much time does Seroquel take to start working? His regimine is as follows: 8:00 am- 2 Wellbutrin buPROpion Hydrochlorine 75mg ; 1 Namenda 5mg; 1 and 1/2 Cardilopa=levodopa 25-100 12:00 noon- 1 and 1/2 Cardilopa=levodopa 25-100 400pm-1 and 1/2 Cardilopa=levodopa 25-100 800pm- 2 buPROpion Hydrochlorine 75mg ; 1 Namenda 5mg; 1 and 1/2 Cardilopa=levodopa 25-100; 1 Lipitor 10mg ; 1 81mg aspirine.