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Found 8 results

  1. hiker


    Has anyone had success with cognitive behavior therapy and/or sleep restriction to treat insomnia? I've had insomnia for almost 20 years and still trying to tame the beast! I take melatonin but find it marginally helpful. Surprisingly I only occassionaly have daytime sleepiness.
  2. derwin88

    Baclofen side effects

    Have you heard of any issues with baclofen I have been taken with my PD meds started with sinemet,then with stalevo and now with rytery ! Had dbs surgery in September 2016 have tried to cut back but would experience severe foot cramps ! My dystonia is mainly on the left side and has been better sinse dbs , but I had dbs to be able to cut back on meds so I was shock when my wife googled baclofen side effects where and heck it seems this stuff is more addictive than cocaine! What are your thoughts on if it should be used for dystonia and what alternatives would you suggest! Dan
  3. stump

    Bright side I guess

    I'm letting DW sleep. It's almost 3AM. Just finished cleaning up after my almost 5 year old daughter threw up for the 5th time tonight since going to bed. I guess that's one bright side to PD effects like insomnia and a poor sense of smell. Poor kid. Just hope she feels better tomorrow.
  4. pdmanaz

    Not Sleeping Well

    I know this subject has been discussed but wanted to get a fresh view on the subject with current situations. I'm having a difficult time sleeping. I know this is PD related because I've never had issues before. This has just started and been going on for about a week or so and feels like it will probably continue. Just not being able to get a deep sleep. Feels like I'm awake most of the night or wake up and just lay there with my eyes closed but not sleeping. Sometimes i just feel really restless. I know others have had difficulty for a very long time. I'm out of Xanax but would normally take .25 mg. I've tried Clonazepam and Lorazepam each only taking .25mg but they seem to make me jittery. I took the Lorazepam last evening and it did help some but still jittery at first. I'm really paranoid about taking too much meds. Actually I'm paranoid about taking anything but know i have to have something. I'm currently on 2 c/l - 25/100 3 times daily. I'm interested in knowing what others have used or how it's been dealt with. Thanks
  5. siak

    Sleepless in Seattle

    As you can see from the time (4am) , I have been up all night. I feel like a 3rd shift worker. For the past month, I have not been able to sleep until about 5am. I try and go to bed about 11:30 pm, but just toss and turn and end up getting up because I am so restless. If anyone else has had success with sleeping at night (peacefully), what have you tried? I have tried all the things that I have read --- melatonin, camomile tea, warm milk, white noise , music and nature sounds, pain meds, taking sinemet before bed, not taking sinemet before bed, etc etc etc. exercising at different time s of the day, not eating after 9pm, no caffeine or chocolate. I am desperate for a normal sleep pattern!!
  6. TheDucks

    Vetivar Essential Oil

    Hello Katherine, I wonder if you have heard of using Vetivar Essential Oil or any Essential Oil for insomnia and Parkinson? Thank you
  7. I am currently taking one (100 mg) tablet with 1.5 tablets of Sinemet first thing in the morning. And I take one tablet of Clonazepam(0.5 mg) at bed time. while this combination helps, is there an alternate medication.
  8. daniscott

    Correlational study

    Hi! I'm doing a correlational study in regards to Parkinson's disease and childhood insomnia. If you could please fill out the survey in the link it would be very helpful, and very much appreciated. https://www.esurveycreator.com/live.php?code=899fd60