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Found 3 results

  1. Nikki

    Just Deny Everything

    I'm about to graduate and will be meeting with an instructor about an internship. Many instructors know I've had health problems. It never came up in his class. If none of the others mentioned it - I don't see why they would - he won't know. I have a meeting with him Monday about the internship. I don't know what I should and should not say about my health. I am currently in denial about Parkinson's most of the time, even when my hand has a tremor so bad it shakes the cloths off their hangers. However, my mind is greatly impacted by everything. (Migraines too) and so I often have moments of slow thought/speech or trouble with understanding words. My concentration right now is bad - every two seconds I'm doing something else. I can't seem to get the work done that I have and that's not like me. So, what is appropriate to tell employers? And what should I tell my instructor? I should note, only one instructor knows about the PD diagnosis, and that is because of how much trouble I am currently having in his class. The rest just know I have health issues.
  2. MurrayPD2

    For those of you working...

    I am curious if your career or goals in your job has changed much. For instance, I have always been pretty assertive and looking for the next big step. Now, I am realizing I don't think a lot of pressure or stress is worth it with a demonstrated pattern of PD getting worse at stressful moments or situations. So, I am more content that I don't HAVE to be so hard on myself with achieving big accomplishments. I just don't think it is worth my health and I should be content where I am today and continue to value my work while focusing more on family.
  3. NoLyFe24

    Not working. Now what?

    Diagnosed in 2009, I continued with my normal schedule until about two years ago. I had struggled with fatigue even before the PD diagnosis was confirmed but it has gotten much worse in the last year and a half. I started by reducing my hours, then I changed to a job working 2 days a week. In the last few months my absences were happening way too often. I talked to my employer and reluctantly gave up my job a few weeks ago. I feel what energy I can find now, I need to use to fight this battle and improve my health. Now what? How do you fight the guilt of not working or contributing to the household? (My husband works a lot and then often has to pick up the slack at home too.) What are some techniques you use to motivate yourself to do more than sit in front of some kind of screen or sleep all day? The tremor, balance and walking difficulties have been getting worse as well but I can still care for myself, drive and do some cleaning. I am having trouble seeing myself as disabled even though I cannot work reliably. How have you dealt with applying for disability and accepting the new normal? Thanks for any thoughts, encouragement, or help you have to offer.