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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I just found out about your foot surgery. I hope you have recovered well. I am having extreme difficulty sleeping at night, but seem to fall into a paralytic type of sleep between 7am and noon. Is it the PD, the meds or has my circadian clock gone wild? I have Parkinson's with Dystonia. Medication Schedule: 7:00am 5mg Rasagiline Mesylate x2 (previously took 1mg,but pharmacist changed for his convenience) 100 Carbodopa-Levodopa-Entcarpone 7:30am 4mg Tizanidine 9:30am 75 C_L_E 12:00pm 75 C_L_E 2:00pm 4mg Tizanidine 2:30pm 75 C_L_E 5:00pm 100 C_L_E 7:30pm 75 C_L_E 8:30 pm .25mg Benztropine MES 10:00pm 75 C_L_E 10:30pm 25mg Zonisamide (Dr. scheduled at 7am, but I thought this contributed to deep sleep state in am. I changed time to pm. Does not help me sleep at night) I also take Alprazolam .25mg PRN and .5mg at 10:00pm. I take turmeric, Omega red, calcium and Magnesium, if I can swallow pills. The Zonisamide is a recent addition. The first two weeks were an adjustment period with severe equilibrium issues and extreme double vision, along with other visual and auditory disturbances. These issues have pretty much resolved and now I just generally feel better. Apparently, the Zonisamide , alone, does not put me in that deep paralytic sleep. I have been up for four days with a total of six hours sleep and a mild panic attack about 4am this morning. A crash should be coming soon. What is the best time to take the Zonisamide? May I have a occasional alcoholic beverage? Any suggestions? I appreciate your help. Thank you for this forum. Deb
  2. So Curious

    Parkinson's Meds Info

    Dear Sir, Yep, I am still up, researching my favorite topic - Parkinson's Disease.. I came across an article that explains the medicines in very understandable terms. I think all PD patients should read it for their own benefit. It may be accessed at https:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov>articles. Mayo Clinic Proceedings. "Cheaper, Simpler, and Better: Tips for Treating Seniors With Parkinson's Disease" If this article has already been discussed, I apologize. This was my first time seeing it and thought it was lay person friendly. Once again, thanks for all you do.