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Found 2 results

  1. Bob49PC

    Music and Parkinson's Disease

    I have had DBS for 4+ years, and in the last 16-18 months have picked up my musical instrumetns (mostly keyboards and guitar) with the goal of restoring lost coordination of fingering skills. This, plus singing with a group of Parkinson's People, has enabled me to reduce symptoms and improve cognitive skills and mood. I find that the combination of DBS programming, diet, exercise (including Dance for Parkinson's), reduction of pain through surgery, and creative musical expression have all contributed to the whole picture, which is that I feel better than I did this time last year. I have recently read or heard of information that dance as an exercise for Parkinson's provides longer lasting symptom relief than other forms of exercise. Since performing and creating music should theoretically stimulate and challenge the brain more than simply moving to music, one might hypothesize that the beneficial effects of music might be even greater than those of dance or exercise. Questions are: Any other folks with PD using music to lift depression, restore energy, etc.? What level of skill had you originally attained and where are you now? More importantly, what effects have the practice of music had on your Quality of Life and disease symptoms? What other treatments are you taking, (not limited to prescription medications or DBS programming?) More of a medical research question: What is the current state of research on the use of music, either as a preventive, ameliorative, or restorative trreatment for the physical symptoms or emotional and psychological consequences of Parkinson's Disease (pre and post diagnosis) and other conditions that are related to dopamine deficiient and other neuro-transmitter deficient brains? (depression, bipolar, essential tremor, etc.) It may be important that my DBS implants (bilateral) were done shortly after medical specialists were able to observe sufficient criteria to be able to make the diagnosis of Parkinson's, or that I had several of the "warning signs" from about 16 - 17 years of age, and prior to the PD diagnosis had been treated for depression, RLS, RBD sleep disorder, essential tremor, and other conditions. Anyone know of any research being conducted in this area? Anyone care to add their experiences or comment? Does any of this resonate or "strike a chord" with you? Thanks!
  2. A music service – Spotify I struggle daily with apathy, anxiety, mood swings, lack of motivation or initiative, as well as a general flatness to the present moment, compounded by chronic lack of sleep, dystonia, etc Although MM helps to change my mood and thought processes, music is one of the few things to move me and get the dopamine flowing. And of course both music and MM enhances music pleasure and appreciation, as well as releasing more dopamine. I’ve always loved music and it’s been important to me, but even more so now. So in the last 4 months or so I’ve made an effort to upgrade my listening experience and been lucky to find some excellent products that I highly recommend: Last month I received a trial invite from Spotify, recently launched in Canada. I was using GrooveShark for music but after checking out Spotify I decided to subscribe to it for Premium at $10 a month. This is the only service I pay for (aside from cell phone) but it’s well worth it. Music is high quality (320 kps), artists are paid, over 20 millions songs from main labels. I like a variety of music and although I listen to my favourites often, I like listening to new stuff but can’t be bothered to waste time looking. Spotify music is curated and you have a variety of ways to access music - pre-made lists, created lists, radio “stations” built around your artist of choice, access to other people’s lists, by genre, etc. This service allows me to listen to music throughout the day, quality stuff, without the effort! There is also mood and category lists specific to motivational, relaxing, etc. And no commercials! For $10 a month this is a great deal for me...