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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, I just want to share this link with you,please read. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2017-08-drugs-beta2-adrenoreceptor-linked-parkinson-disease.html.A lot of medications used to treat other conditions have been tested on pwp in other to find the one that will be most effective in stopping/curing the degeneration of neurons in PD.I am particularly concern about the speculation of beta blockers causing parkinson disease,although ,this has not be proven with subsequent trials,but a link has been found between people using beta blockers and the development of parkinson diease in one trial,and it has also been discovered that people who use a drug for the treatment of asthma are less likely to develop PD.Beta blockers like propananol,metropolol,atenolol are used mainly in the treatment of high blood pressure,they block the beta adrenernic receptors,reduce the heart rate,and cause vasoconstriction of blood vessels in the tissues.This medication has side effects like,depression,dementia,which are some of the symptoms of PD.The dementia which is a side effect of beta blockers is called pseudodementia by expets,but on a long term use of this drug,no one knows if pseudodementia will become dementia for real.The good old asthma medication salbutamol (inhaler) is a beta 2angonist which prevents vasoconstriction,and therefore enhances increased blood flow to the tissues.This asthma medication has been suspected to be beneficial in preventing or stopping the brain degeneration in PD, in a trial carried out by researchers,But more trials needs to be done.My main question is this,has anyone been on the blood pressure medications, beta blockers,most of which have names ending with "nol",and developed PD?If so ,according to the link above ,it may be wise to discuss an alternative medication with your MD for BP treatment.