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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, My mother has advanced stage Parkinsons. She does not have tremmors, but suffers from very stiff, rigid muscles, extreme difficulty in movement, and a lot of pain. The pain is mainly in her back and back of the legs, but also knees. We have recently applied for a permit to test medical marijuana (mainly for her pain; she goes to sleep with pain killers every night - a combination of paracetamol and dipyrone; this is the best combination we reached without getting into opiods - and wakes up in pain at around 4 am). We were given a permit, and would like to start her on the treatment. However, she takes a 500mg tablet of Removit ( St John’s Wort) daily (when we tried to reduce the dose from 1 a day to 1 every other day, her mood was affected within a week - she became very easily irritated, and moody). Cab we use both medical marijuana (she has been given cannabis oil that contains 2%CBD and 6%TSH) and the Removit simultaneously? Or should we stop using the Remotiv when we start testing the oil? Thank you, Kapi Rosenfeld
  2. swamper

    muscle spasms

    Nine days ago I fell at boxing class, and pulled a groin muscle. Now I am having terrible spasms in the area, which nothing seems to help. I have tried increasing my c/l, and nsaids, as well as exercise, rest, and stretching. At this point I am desperate for relief. My DH is off to the drug store to get the ingredients for a c/l suspension. I know there is no point in going to the ER, and my PCP was out of ideas five days ago. Xrays showed no fracture of the pelvic bones, but the exam is classic for an adductor strain. Any ideas? I would appreciate any help you can give! Adrienne
  3. z3rky


    Going on 4 months now with odd symptoms, the primary one being chronic PAIN. It started as a twitch (not tremor) of my right index finger and with in a week my hand and arm begun getting painful, the pain moved it's way up to my shoulder, currently my hand pain and arm pain has lessened, although my bicep muscles feel abnormally tight in both arms (more so on right), and the pain has decided to stay in my shoulder and hip area's. The twitching occurs all over, even on both sides at once, but it doesn't happen all the time unlike the pain. My shoulder and hip are always aching and the pain usually moves around those areas, for instance, over the course of an hour or two, the top of my shoulder will hurt, then my shoulder blade, then collarbone, then back to top, sometimes will stop completely (briefly), and then go back to being a general ache in my shoulder area, same applies to my hip area, it moves around but stays in that general area. I can no longer do any kind of strenuous exercise or I'll actually feel sick the next day, like my muscles are sickly sore (similar when getting the flu), during the exercise my left side will have pain similar to my right but the moment I stop my right side is the side that feels "sick". For example, I went walking yesterday for about 2 hours, today my left leg feels fine but my right leg almost feels numb and very stressed. The pain and twitching is starting to occur while I'm sleeping and is waking up, if I end up making it through the night I"ll wake up with a sore right side. It's like the right side of my body is overly stressed with hyper active nerves compared to my left. I've tried everything under the sun to get rid of this pain, nothing seems to work, not even temporary relief. I have seen a Neurologist and an MDS, neither of them seem to think it's PD nor MS nor ALS but can't explain the asymmetrical nature of my symptoms and I"m starting to feel a little crazy and starting to wonder if these are symptoms of a mental disorder instead of a neurological one? The pain is ALWAYS there, it's hard for me to focus on something else. My anxiety is through the roof and I'm becoming depressed over this. I was wondering if you have come across these types of symptoms before and if they can be psychological in nature? if so, how to do get rid of the symptoms?
  4. KiwiFL


    Dr. Okun, I was diagnosed with PD 10 yrs. ago at age 51. Severe leg dystonia has always been a primary component of my disease. Levodopa therapy helped for about 5 yrs, at which point the dystonia was so bad I had to stop working. My movement disorder specialist increased my Sinemet dosage, which helped, but I developed severe dyskenesia. I underwent bilateral DBS this past year, which eliminated the dyskenesia. My doctor increased my Sinemet dosage again to deal with the dystonia but I developed adverse side effects from the higher doses. Consequently I have had to reduce the Sinemet dosage again. I continue to have disabling dystonia as well as adverse effects of Sinemet. I am unable to exercise, and at times, even to walk. I take Azilect daily and Sinemet CR 25/100 every 90 minutes. Is there anything else I can do ?
  5. MurrayPD2


    I had to go to the ER Monday night. It was time to take another dose of C/L, but they said they would take care of that (never got PD medication). Anyway, they gave me a shot of morphine for pain. I knew I was wearing off and should be worse, but when I got up to go the bathroom, I was moving very smoothly and easily. I also felt pretty alert. Yes, there was a little euphoria (more like relaxed), but I certainly wasn't sluggish or anything. I find this all pretty odd, but maybe it is PD thing. Or is it something else?
  6. I_am_sassy

    PD Pain making me feel blah

    At this moment, I'm having lower back pain. I have a yoga therapy practice that does alleviate the discomfort to a point. I'm just feeling lousy today and wish someone understood what this is like. I look fine but feel like a train wreck. I don't even want to bring it up inconversation because I feel like a whiner but I could really use a hug.
  7. Hello. Well, here I am. Still up at 3AM knowing that there isn't anything I can do but learn to live with this disease. I was so angry and so frustrated that I flung myself to the floor and threw the biggest, loudest and most unsightly temper tantrum. Any two year old would have been proud. About 10 years ago I noticed that my memory was slipping. Little and (big) things like what day it was or renting the same DVD six times because I thought I hadn't ever viewed it before. Then about 5 years ago I started having trouble with walking. It felt like my feet were just too heavy and I struggled to just keep up a "normal" pace- pick em up and put em down. Then 2 years ago, my ring and pinkie finger on my right hand felt numb and cold on the outside but the bones in both fingers felt like frozen steel and hurt bad. Maybe I slept on that hand? Nope it didn't go away. But instead was joined by the ring finger on the left hand wagging and making tiny circles all of the time. 2yrs ago that's when I weighed 159 lbs and I went to my Dr. Passed on to Neurologist who had MRI done and then another MRI with contrast. Blood work. Tagged with Bilateral Tremor and treated with Klonopin -1x a day. Had check up 6 months later weighed 135 lbs with both hands and all fingers shaking and twitching Dr. upped Klonopin to 4x a day. I saw the Neurologist a few more times and was told as long as the Klonopin was maintaining it's "hold" they weren't prepared to say it was Parkinsons. Meanwhile, I needed to have surgery done by Urogyno. Hysterectomy, bladder mesh, etc. Surgeon would not operate until he got a letter of clearance from Neurologist. Surgeon said that if I have Parkinsons he would need to use different method to put me under. Neurologist gave him the clearance letter. Surgery was April 3, 2014. Surgery went fine. But I went into full on Parkinsons within 6 weeks. Stuttering, freezing, falling, fainting, tremors, cannot swallow REALLY SCAREY and I now weigh 91 pounds. I am on carbidopa-levodopa, amantadine, temazepam, clonazepam, Colace and my thyroid replacement med levothyroxine. I use a walker. My 80 year old mother gets my groceries, pays my bills, gives me a bath and dresses me, feeds me. I cannot drive, open a water bottle, button or zip clothing. My right arm is frozen against my upper body bent at the elbow as if to shake your hand. It really hurts all the time. My right foot is the one most likely to freeze and send me falling face first if I try to shuffle without the walker. And constipated OMG I hate it, hate it, hate it! All of it. Not just what is happening to my body but to lose control of every aspect of my life. And so darn fast. On April 3, 2014 I had bilateral hand tremors. Then was diagnosed with full blown Parkinson May 28, 2014. I don't know much about "rate scale" but mine is 4-5. Someone told my mother 5 is end stage. How can that be? I got a call from Behavioral health at 8:30 am. She wanted to do a phone assessment of my mental stability. First question was - are you depressed? I managed a stuttered FFFFFFuuuuuuu. That's when I had my all out, throw down, crying, twitching, pity party of a tantrum. Are you depressed? Seriously? Ok, if anyone reads this I want you to know that I am a fighter and not about to give up. I have an appt. with a Parkinsons Specialist the 8th of July and I know that I'm only on 2 Parkers meds. There are all kinds of treatments and combo meds to try. I know this. I want to thank NPF for providing this forum. I needed to vent tonight. Thank you so much.
  8. Hello. I was diagnosed about two months ago but believe to have had Parkinson's disease for about five years. My defining symptom evidently is the pill rolling tremor that never stops unless I'm a sleep now. I have had severe back pain in my upper and lower back for several years. It sometimes goes down one leg or the other. Sometimes it is a twisting pain And my back locks up. My neuro says that this severe pain is not from the Parkinson's And that I must have fibromyalgia as well. My question is if you had a lot of pain before starting meds for Parkinson's did those meds help with the pain?
  9. melanieb13

    Muscle and joint pain

    I was diagnosed with Parkinson's a couple of month's ago. I have quite a lot of pain in my joints (shoulders, knees) and muscle pain in my affected leg and back. My neurologist says he has not had any patients with the amount of paint I have which leads me to question if it is the Parkinson's or something else. Please note my neurologist added carbidopa/levodopa to my daily meds and the pain went completely away for 1 month but unfortunately it is gradually returning.
  10. Natalie


    Does anyone know about this? I have had pain in my left side from my hip to my ankle, any one place or throughout all at once. I have I thought tried everything - cortisone, nerve blocks, pain meds after pain meds. Nothing makes any difference. Can anyone tell me if prolotherapy is something that may help. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks!