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Found 6 results

  1. Marle222

    Lyme induced parkinsonism

    I was diagnosed with Lyme disease five years ago. I received six weeks of amoxicillin. A Tremor in my left hand developed shortly thereafter. Initially diagnosed as ET and treated with primidone which only made it worse. One year ago diagnosed as PD. The doctor tried l-dopa then l-dopa Carbidopa and now mirapex. I am currently titrating up but no effect so far. I read an article by dr. Daniel Cameron about Lyme induced parkinsonism. Have you or anyone you know received this diagnosis? If so, how was it treated? Are you aware of it ever being reversed? Thank you in advance for your input.
  2. Marle222

    Lyme induced parkinsonism

    What does anyone have Lyme induced Subacute/acute parkinsonism? If so, how did your physician arrived at this diagnosis as separate and distinct from idiopathic PD?
  3. Hello Doctor, My husband is 68 yrs old. His is extremely active, healthy, fit. He was around solvents and adhesive for much of his early career as a flooring contractor. He began suffering tremors, loss of smell, constipation all around age 62 along with other typical PD symptoms. We had several misdiagnosis along the way of essential tremors but recently with a new neurologist it was believed to be Parkinson's based on a DAT Scan. He is currently on Azilect and we on Neurpro 4 MGs(build up to 4) for about a month with only a slight effect on his tremor. (not sure if we are imagining an improvement) Our neurologist suggested a dopamine challenge - one pill over a 3 hour period. He was monitored and we all saw no real decrease in his tremor. Our neurologist is fairly certain based on his lack of response to the levdopa/caridopa, that he falls under the Parkinsonism umbrella. My question - Is the one pill a true test or should be try a second test at home or a full month on Ldopa/Caridopa... which the Dr. said we could if we felt we wanted to. I understand there are several diseases that fall under the umbrella of Parkinsonism and they are hard to confirm but also understand that DBS and any drugs that help with tremor would not be useful. His only real issue currently is the tremor and some lack of flexibility. He was rated stage one on the scale as well. Can you elaborate on confirming a diagnosis, disease progression, drug options and why DBS is not an option with Parkinsonism. Thank you for you insights.
  4. Hi everyone.I am 43 years old and 15 weeks pregnant. I have searched the internet for info and it is very limited. I was diagnosed at 39 with atypical parkinsons and sent to a movement disorder specialist. I could not move my left arm or open my left hand until I began taking Sinemet. I also had difficulty with my left leg and stumbling, stiffness and horrible cramping pain only on the left side. Now that I am pregnant, which was a surprise, my Sinemet has stopped working. I tried to wean off due to the unknown effects on the fetus, but my body would not cooperate, Just trying to find anyone who may have gone thru pregnancy for insight. Thank you.
  5. revillapatient

    Diag 2 yrs ago, off all meds then back on

    Thanks for any help. I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago (symptoms felt ill when stirring or washing hair, slight stoop & shuffle when walking) and put on Sinemet. But also had uncontrolled blood pressure (at times 220/110 others 80/40). After a year of Sinemet, increasing cognitive issues, a nephrectomy to try & control bp (didn't work, thx for that surgery!) I was taken off all meds. Shuffling gait, small handwriting, exhaustion, slight confusion (specifically @ times I duplicate my daughter into being 2 people, not seeing 2 just attributing something my daughter has done for me to the "other" Jane) all present without meds but my blood pressure settled down to range of 200/100 to 100/60. I had a Datscan which showed grade 3 dopamine depletion so I was started back on Sinemet titrated up to 1 25/100 3x + lodosyn 3x a day. Although gait & other motor skills improved markedly, my confusion of duplicating my daughter & sometimes son-in-law really got more frequent and I'm told harder to get under control (before even when asking about the "other" Jane I would say I know there's only 1) and my blood pressure fluctuations highs got higher and lows got lower. I've reduced back down to 1 sinemet + 1 lodosyn in am, 1/2 sinemet + 1 lodosyn in early afternoon and then again late afternoon. Brain seems some better. But I'm waking up w/ high blood pressure, dropping really low after morning dose (haven't tried skipping dose to see if I still drop) and then various readings during day. 1 ) Anyone else duplicating a loved one? Is it due to Parkinsonism or something else? 2) What about BP drops? 3)Should I split morning Sinemet in half? 4) What about the adding of lodosyn? Everything I read is that there are no side effects of Lodosyn, it was added for me in hopes of better absorption/less levodopa to avoid bp drops. But down to 80/40 seems like maybe drs don't have the bp drop quite figured out. 5) Anyone else have Parkinsonism and Autonomic nerve disorder? BTW - Finally getting to the diagnosis of Autonomic nerve disorder + Parkinsonism took 3 hospital stays of 10 days each with the final @ Cleveland Clinic. And I feel exactly the same (minus the weight of that atrophic kidney) than I did when I started 26 months ago. And my daughter has helped m write this. Again, thanks for any help.
  6. May 1: my husband has an A-Fib. He was brought out of it with Cardizem Drip. Something went wrong during this procedure because my husband felt like every nerve in his body was electrocuted, all the muscles in his legs were contracting all the way up and down in waves, his rate went up to 160, he thought he was going to seize and die. The ER nurse came in after I tracked him and said something is wrong. His supervisor noticed something was wrong and corrected the medicine. May 3: Everything was OK, But all of a sudden Jim developed "anxiety/panic attacks. We didn't know what they were, we visited various hospitals for the next 15 days (all saying the same thing: he's having panic attacks). We didn't know what they were, heck Jim's never been sick, doesn't take medicine. During this he lost 15 pounds. May 15: Jim's foot starts shaking. Or ,really it's the top of it and it's like the muscle is contracting. It's been like this since...so the question is does PD start just like turning on a light bulb? The Panic Attacks don't help (but I believe these are a separate issue from the PD) but they cause the foot to shake more. We are beginning to have the Panic under control. (meds were Ativan, Zoloft, Gavapentin). no longer on zoloft I've read that channel blockers can cause Parkinsonism, which is what they gave him in the ER,if that's the case could this be a possibility? My husband has no other symptoms, none! He has not lost his sense of smell, his bowels work great, he swings his arms, and walks great. The DatScan showed a reduction of dopamine and reporting Parkinsonism but if it's from the channel blockers could it not progress any further possibly? Even if Jim was "so called electrified" from the cardizem drip which caused the foot shake could it be reversed over time, possibly? or stay the same, or is it too late? Is parkinsonism different than Parkinson's Disease?