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Found 2 results

  1. mark collmer

    Lyme induced parkinsonism

    What is the difference in symptoms between early stage Lyme induced Subacute/acute parkinsonism and idiopathic Parkinson's disease? How does a doctor arrive at a diagnosis of lyme induced parkinsonism?
  2. Giddyup Mouthus

    CO induced Parkinsonism

    I am writing to ask some questions regarding Parkinsonism via CO poisoning. My little brother who is 43 was alone in his apartment for 2 weeks thinking he had the flu. When I found him it turned out he been severely poisoned and had advanced Parkinsonism complete with cogwheel rigidity, bradykenesia and shuffled gait with freezing. He is currently on bromocriptine and seems to be doing well(ish). My questions are many: 1. Since this was a poisoning, will his condition be a one shot and done deal as opposed to progressive PD? 2. I have noticed personality changes in the months since this occurred. They would be slight to others, but I see a kinder more subdued person. Is this from the dopamine center being destroyed? 3. We are assuming this is permanent as the damage to his brain has been done. But again I ask if there is any literature stating if this will be halted or progress? 4. I am concerned for dementia as I am seeing unsettling behaviors such as compulsions that have been exaggerated. He is longer able to properly manage his checking account???? Finally, I am at a loss. I feel like a smothering sister with him and I have no answers. I need to know what I am dealing with. He was thrown into, literally overnight, what it takes others years to become in terms of his condition. Thank you for reading this. Dina Ciccone