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Found 1 result

  1. noah

    what to do

    I would appreciate any care givers perspective. I am 59 and was dx about 9 yrs First i want to say that I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who has been so good to me since this nightmare began. Hes usually a laid back guy who is not real talkative. But lately I am seeing a side of him I have never seen before and i dont like it. As things tend to get worse he appears to be less understanding than before. The biggest problem is my speech. It is getting hard to understand what I am saying. I have seen speech therapist and try to speak louder but as with everything with PD you have to think about what you are going to do. So where he can speak without thinking about it and at times i forget and i dont speak loud enough or i talk to fast. In addition I forget things like where i put my cell phone. When i tell him i cant find it he'll say well if you put it back in the same place you would know where it was. We just got back from the grand canyon and boy did i see a side i didnt like One day he told me that if i forgot my pills he'd kill me,(not that he would but for him to even say that is totally out of character) then another time he made some dig about the fact that we have to eat at a certain time (i am very sensitive to the interaction between my food and meds) This is totally out of character for him. I have told him many times that i think it would be helpful if he went to see a therapist(i do and it is very helpful) but he wont go. He is a devote Christian as am i so i think that he thinks that is enough. I think God gave us therapist to help us in addition to having faith in him. I really am concerned about the effect this is having on our relationship. I know it is hard for him and i always try to thank him for everything he does, He needs help if we are going to make it through this storm. I want the time we are given to be as happy as possible I would appreciate any input anyone can provide thank you jody