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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Dr., I've been looking for medical information related to artificial insemination & PD but I haven't found anything at all. I'm interested in checking if the estrogenic meds typically provided to women who are getting ready for an AI can interact with PD meds or worsen PD symptoms if no PD meds are being taken. I'm planning to get an AI but I've been recently diagnosed with PD and my gynecologist doesn't know if the two (AI meds & PD) can be compatible. I'm still waiting for my appointment with my MDS, where I will talk about pregnancy & treatment options, but in the meantime I thought that perhaps you'd know more about it. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Dear friends! One young women with rare SEGAWA disease ask you an advise and to share your experience. Here is her story , i received it today, this is urgent because it is already 3 weeks and nobody can give her advise. Any opinion or experience highly appreciate thank you all! "I have been taking Nakom ( carbidopa/levadopa) drug for almost 14 years, if I do not take it strong hyperkinesis starts, involuntary movements, stiffness on my legs, I can not walk. My diagnosis is dopa dependent dystonia or Segawa disease, but I passed the gene analysis to search for mutations, it's negative. Although the symptoms are very similar. What then the doctors say that it can be secondary (acquired) dystonia as a result of the infection I had. I have a hemophilic infection, that was diagnosed to late . Now I'm pregnant, the period of 3 weeks and I also drink nakom, without it I can not live. Dear friends. I'm very worry. What will happen to the child? He will give birth with pathologies? Here in my town - in Kazan doctors can not answer this question, as there were no such cases. About me : 24 years old, I take nakom 1/8 part, 250 mg/25mg three times a day, he helps me 100% to control simptoms and to feel myself healthy, but now , during pregnancy, sometimes the same dose does not help. THE MAIN QUESTION IS will be MY BABY A healthy CHILD? IS IT POSSIBLE TO INCREASE THE DRUg doses DURING THE TIME OF Pregnancy , AS TO ME THE 1/8 PIECE OF THE TABLET BECOMES to small for me now. WHAT DOES DOCTORS SAY ABOUT THE INFLUENCE OF THE Levadopa/carbidopa to DEVELOPMENT OF THE EMBRYO? Thank you very much for any reply. It is very importent for me and my family! It is my first baby!
  3. Hi everyone.I am 43 years old and 15 weeks pregnant. I have searched the internet for info and it is very limited. I was diagnosed at 39 with atypical parkinsons and sent to a movement disorder specialist. I could not move my left arm or open my left hand until I began taking Sinemet. I also had difficulty with my left leg and stumbling, stiffness and horrible cramping pain only on the left side. Now that I am pregnant, which was a surprise, my Sinemet has stopped working. I tried to wean off due to the unknown effects on the fetus, but my body would not cooperate, Just trying to find anyone who may have gone thru pregnancy for insight. Thank you.