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Found 3 results

  1. ardziv7

    DBS Programming / Configuration

    Hi, I wanted to ask if it is possible for a DBS operation to give bad results? or it is just the programming part which is not well done? My father has done DBS surgery and the programming is still not so good, and he does not feel well. He needs to go every week or so to reprogram. (it a Medtronic device) Also, I wonder if anyone here uses the personal programmer for his/her DBS ? any opinions about it? Thank you
  2. Dr. Okun, Had surgery 12/9/15 to address my top 2 symptoms on right side-hand tremor and leg lift-sporadic (diagnosed as dyskensia or dystonia-lower leg muscles tighten, foot turns inward, toes curl, and leg lifts and plants akwardly when walking).My doctor said my left side showed progression and disease would move to the left eventually-not experiencing any symptoms currently. My first programming session ( 1/1416) was confusing. The dr found the setting to completely calm my hand, My leg was not displaying the lift during the session, The dr then proceeded to turn on the left side and asked if I felt dyskensia spasms, dizziness, tingling, etc. I did. Then she turned the left off and I continued to feel the same symptoms on and off during the visit. She sent me home with the left off and right on at a low setting since she didn't want to send me home (5 hour drive) with dyskensia side effects on the left, Now that I am home the hand has a slight tremor (much stronger when not medicated) and leg left is much worse then prior to the dr visit. I am not experiencing any significant dyskensia. Is it common to turn on stimulation on a side not exhibiting symptoms? And does it seem like my leg dystonia is treatable with DBS? My meds are 37.5/100 (Stalevo) 4x/day and 100mg Amantadine 3x/day. Prior to the visit I was also taking 150mg of Sinimet (which has been discontinued). Suppose to discontinue the Amantadine if dyskensia persists (at this point it is not). I called the next day to see if the right side could be turned up. The dr agreed to increase by .1 volts, Sorry for the long post but I am concerned, Thanks for your help!
  3. hkathpal41

    DBS Programming

    At what point is one ready for the programming stage of DBS? Is that determined by the neurologist and/or neurosurgeon? The MDT Guides do not specify.