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Found 4 results

  1. nola


    My husband is very discouraged by the constant neck pain & stiffness. Medication has not helped, phys.therapy not effective, Has anyone tried acupuncture?
  2. Hi Everyone, I am a person w/ Parkinson’s (PwP), male age 64. I hope someone can help me with the following 2 questions because so far I’ve been unable to find an answer on the internet or the forums: Q1. Since PD causes muscle rigidity in which muscles contract then do not relax easily, when doing stretching exercises is it better to hold the stretch (static) or move continuously through range of motion (dynamic) ?? My current method is to do dynamic first then gradually build up to static holding for longer periods. I know my method fits the usual recommended guidelines for normal people, however with PD I feel the holding might be contributing to the muscles getting stuck in contracted position. Q2. I am currently taking Sinemet – generic by Mayne (CL) 25/100 three times a day, but the “on” periods have decreased to about 2 hours duration, so I have long “off” periods as much as 12 hours, during which my muscle rigidity gets worse. I don’t want to increase medication right away since I would like to minimize the amount of medication I take, but if I continue like this, will the daily periods of worse muscle rigidity cause long-term damage to my muscle flexibility ?? I will very much appreciate any help to answer these questions since I’ve already done a lot of searching. Thank you!
  3. My husband has Parkinson's and dementia. With his dementia, he has some delusions and hallucinations. He was diagnosed in 2007 at the age of 55. He has been on a regimen of Stalevo 150 mg four times a day for quite some time. He is also on Azilect 1 mg and Namenda 10 mg twice a day and Aricept 23. He is about 75% urinary incontinent and beginning the journey of bowel incontinence. He continues to become so rigid that he doesn't want to sit down. His back does not bend and he is very stiff. It is almost like a back bend for him to sit down. To increase the Stalevo will definitely increase his delusions and hallucinations per the neuro. (Neuro said we could increase his Stalevo to 200 mg 4 times a day.) Also, we did increase it (150 mg 5 times a day) a few years back to help him with his rigidity and it was so bad that I was constantly trying to keep him from wanting to leave to meet people for meetings that he believed were planned. I called the doctor and we backed the drug down to 4 times a day (150 mg). My dilemma: It is up to me to make this decision because he doesn't complain, but I see how hard it is for him to bend and strain to sit on a toilet or chair. But, I am so concerned about the delusions and hallucinations. It was so scary before and I'm fearful of bringing back this person who is paranoid and afraid. Can anyone tell me how they handle this type of situation? Prayers would be appreciated.
  4. OK me again five doses into trial of Carbidopa Levodopa to determine if I am officially a PWP or somthing else: last few days in my personal observation of my symptoms I have noticed that yes I have on days and off days/times which I know is normal for PWP... I also have seen I times where my tremor may be worse but my joints aren't as rigid or painful, or My joints will be killing me, but the tremor is not as apparent, and then of course I have times where both seem unbearable (for lack of a better word). Is alternating which symptom is more intense something other PWP have experienced? Or perhaps is this a sign that my symptoms are not related to PD? This is such a diverse illness that neither answer would surprise me. I apologize for all the questions I find information helps me cope with things, and perhaps I am still searching for another opening to feed my denial. Also forgot to mention, seems like alcohol calms my tremor during use but aggravates rigidity especially next day, and exercise/ activity makes my tremor worse but seems to help rigidity... Thanks Richard