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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Mark, I am in the process of titrating an increase in my dosage of ropinirole. I had been taking c/l 25/100 3x day plus ropinirole .75 3x day. A week ago I increased my a.m. dose of ropinirole to 1 mg. Although in the past I have experienced headaches when I first increased a dose, I had no side effects from the increase other than more intense sleepiness (a side effect I always experience). Last night I increased the p.m. dose to 1 mg. I slept only a few hours and woke up with loud tinnitus. I have two questions about this: 1) Could the tinnitus be related to the increased dosage of ropinirole? 2) If it is, is it a side effect that will likely lessen as my body adjusts? (Previously, my headaches from increased dosages only lasted a day or two.) Thanks very much for any help or advice you can offer. Diana
  2. I have been taking 1.5mg Ropinirole 3x day and Rasagaline 1x day since April with no side effects and excellent control of symptoms. Suddenly over the past few weeks I've been experiencing daily episodes of light headedness/dizzyness. Sometime so bad I am afraid I will faint. It happens at all times of the day and is not tied to specific activities. I don't have Neurogenic orthostatic hypotension as I don't get dizzy when going from sitting to standing, and my blood pressure does not change from sitting to standing. My neurologist thinks it could be the ropinirole. But why would this side effect start so suddenly after I was fine on ropinirole for the past 6 months? If it is the ropinirole - what do I do? It really helps with my Parkinsons symptoms but this new dizziness is pretty bad. Thanks!
  3. Hello. I do not have Parkinson's, but after using an SSRI antidepresant for a short while I now suffer a seemingly permanent and complete loss of my sexuality (Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction). I was prescribed the dopamine agonist ropinirole for this, and am now increasing the dose to 1 mg 3x a day, as directed by my psychiatrist. So far, all I'm noticing is diarrhea (which I bought loperamide for). My question is, what dosage should I take to induce hypersexuality (or, in my case, restore normal sexuality, at least partially)? 6, 8, 16 or 20 mg a day of ropinirole? Maybe another dopamine agonist is more linked to hypersexuality, like pramipexole or apomorphine (I'm not willing to take ergot DAs)? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I just thought you guys would know best. Would really appreciate an answer.
  4. Hello I was diagnosed 9 years ago with PD. I take 8 mg of Ropinirole 1 daily, 1 mg Azilect 1 daily, Stalevo 18.75-75-200mg 4 daily, carbidopa/levodopa 25-100mg 4 daily. On a hunch I changed Neurologists for a second opinion. The new Neurologist confirmed my suspicion that I was misdiagnosed with PD. We will not know for sure until I am weaned off my medication. I am weaning off the Requip first. I am reducing my dose by 10 mg every 30 days, The first reduction went well, I barely noticed it. I reduced it the second time 5 days ago and I feel like I've been hit by a truck, every inch of my body hurts, I have a splitting headache, and I can't sleep. Will the side effects get worse at each reduction or does it level off? I've read the articles about patients that must remain on requip because if the side effects, how will I know that? Thank you for your advice in advance. .
  5. I quit my agonist meds about 9 days ago. The last couple of days, I seem to be wearing off in the afternoon/evening a lot; as if the last dose isn't taking too well. I woke up this morning stiffer than I have been in a long time on my left side. The morning before was fairly stiff. I am taking dopamine at night too... and I have increased my dopamine as suggested by the doctor. from 2.5 3xD to 3 tablets 3xD of C/L 100/25. I take one ER pill at night of 50/200 C/L. I also take entacapone with each dose. I feel more tired too.. I feel like I am just slowing down, and I am trying Amantadine; which was successful in the past, but caused swelling and webbed patterns on the skin. Yet, I will take that over the agonist. Any advice or similar experience?
  6. My drug regimen for the 3 years since my PD dx has been Ropinirole 3mg twice a day and 2 mg once a day for a total of 8 mg a day and Amantadine 100 mg twice a day. My PD symptoms are mild, mainly stiffness and slowness, with no significant tremor. I take a variety of exercise classes every week including low impact Zumba, tai chi, and yoga. My stiffness was causing me to feel about as flexible as a tree trunk as my shoulders and hips just didn’t want to move. Cuban motion went out the window. So in January I told my Movement Disorder Neurologist that I was ready to try Sinemet to see if it would help with my flexibility. (He had been recommending this but I was previously hesitant and felt I didn't need it.) I’m now taking Sinemet 25/100 and have been titrating up for the past 6 weeks and have reached one pill three times a day. I’m also still taking the same doses of Ropinirole and Amantadine. I am starting to notice more flexibility in my shoulders and hips and my walking gait and arm swing have improved. Other people have also noticed improvement, so it looks like the Sinemet is making a difference. My neurologist said it would be okay to continue taking all 3 drugs – but I’m wondering if I really need all three, especially the Ropinirole. I’ve tried stopping the Amantadine before and I started feeling worse in a general way with more weakness on the right side. I just don’t want to take more medication than I need. I’m fortunate that I haven’t had any significant side effects – some temporary drowsiness from the Ropinirole and occasional temporary edema from the Amantadine. I’m taking the 3 doses of Ropinirole in-between the 3 doses of Sinemet. and Amantadine at the same time as the first two doses of Sinemet. I know Sinemet has a very short half life and Ropinirole has a much longer half life. I really don’t experience any noticeable “off” times. However I’ve read that researchers think the cause of dyskinesia may be the constant highs and lows caused by the Sinemet. So my questions are: 1. Does staggering the doses of Sinemet and Ropinirole increase the length of time I should feel the benefits of the dopaminergic effects? 2. Will continuing both Ropinirole and Sinemet flatten the highs and lows between doses of Sinemet? 3. Does taking both Sinemet and Ropinirole increase the likelihood of developing dyskensia’s sooner? 4. Is continuing on all 3 drugs recommended if there are no side effects? Thank you for your input - and I've ready both your books and highly recommend them to others as they are informative and easy to read.
  7. I've had PD for about 5 years and am currently taking Azilect and a low dose of Sinemet four times a day(1.5 tabs of 25/100). I took a dopamine agonist for a bit (ropinirole) and ended up with intense hypersexuality as a side effect. I no longer take ropinirole, and I have never had a decreased sex drive like many PS patients have. I actually tend to be more hypersexual than not--pre and post PD diagnosis--which leads me to my question: Are there dopamine antagonists out there in some form or other (anti-depressant, etc.) that would suppress the incentive/reward power of dopamine yet not inhibit the neurotransmitter/neuromuscular benefits that dopamine provides? It seems that I need to increase levels of dopamine for neuromuscular benefits (prevent rigidity, tremor, constipation, etc.), but I don't want the incentive/reward functions within my brain to be increased and lead to more hypersexuality or other compulsive behavior. I read this article that got me thinking about this: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1369848613001313 Thanks
  8. Dr. Okun, I was on Mirapex ER for over four months, taking 3 mg daily. During that period, I did not have any symptom relief. My MDS suggested increasing my dosage, but due to the side effects, we discussed other options. I am now taking Ropinirole 5 mg three times a day. I've taken Requip 3 mg in the past and it worked pretty well with little side effects. Prior to taking Mirapex, I was not taking any medication and detoxing my body of heavy metals and pesticides. Its been about a week since the switch and I feel a lot worse, experiencing balance issues, difficulty standing and walking, freezing, and an increase in tremors. Am I feeling worse due to the transition? If my MDS was going to increase my dosage to 4.5 mg, am I taking the correct dosage of Ropinirole? How would I feel if I am over medicated? Thank you for your time.
  9. Dear Dr Okun and other members in the forum, My husband has PD diagnosed in 2004. Inititally he was prescribed Requip, then in 2010 Sinemet 25/100 was added in. The regimen had controlled PD as Requip XL 16 mg at dinner and Sinemet 25/100 as 1.5 tabs 3 times a day without any significant side effects. Last year due to change in insurer, my husband has seen another MDS, who recommended to discontinue Requip XL . His reasons are: 1/Requip does not work after about 10 years 2/ Requip has so many side effects including memory loss. He recommended to change to taking Requip XL in the morning then tapering down by 2 mg every 2 weeks then stop. My husband has cut down now to Requip XL 6mg in the morning and continue Sinemet 25/100 as 1.5 tabs 3 times a day. Since then my husband has woke up around 2 am, with rigid left arm (like lead pipe) and shaking and with headache. He was unable to fall back to sleep. I would appreciate any response: 1/ Is there any good evidence about Requip causing memory loss or this is the consequence of advanced Parkinson? 2/ Is there any good evidence that Requip does not work after about 10 years? 3/ If anyone has experience of taking Requip XL twice a day? Since the manufacturer information says the peak effect happens 6 hours after taking, we like to change the timings of Requip XL as taking 4mg at 9am and 2 mg at 9pm Thank you in advance for your response(s)
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