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Found 2 results

  1. coacht

    other surgery with DBS

    Hello all, Have any of you with DBS had other surgeries? My wife broke her ankle and is having surgery. Of course she is 400 miles away and with this snowstorm there is no way I can be there. What has been your experience? Coach T
  2. Didave

    Knee replacement

    Hi. I am newly diagnosed at 55. I had a total knee replacement in 10/14 and was given many anti-nausea meds. Within a week of the surgery, I began with bi-lateral tremors and noticed that my right arm did not swing during rehab. Recovery was long and difficult . I felt line I had been poisoned; shaky, tremors, sweating ,crying.People have told me I am not the same since the surgery. The tremors eventually resolved and then returned very minimally on my right side. I also have some weakness in my right hand. My handwriting had deteriorated a bit prior to the surgery which I attributed to an old injury. My main symptom is difficulty getting up after sitting for awhile. I was told years ago I have spinal stenosis. I have seen two neurologists, one a MDS. They both said I am very early in the disease. The first prescribed Azilect and explained in great detail the unclear outcomes of the study but that he likes the potential neuro protective qualities and that it could delay the need for levodopa. He took quite a bit of time. The MDS did the same tests, reviewed my brain MRI and prescribed Sinemet. He said the delay of using levodopa is old school and became angry when I mentioned Azilect. He said it was expensive and ineffective. He seemed to be in a hurry but is an MDS who gets rave reviews. He told me I had many good years ahead of me.Both doctors dismissed my concerns about the surgery/medications causing or exacerbating the Parkinsons. Could the surgical meds have done this? I read a study that said some symptoms of drug induced Parkinsonism can last for 18 months. Have I been misdiagnosed?My dilemma is that I need to have the other knee replaced soon (within the next two months ) am scared to death of increasing the progression. Would a spinal be an option with my back problems? I started the Sinemet last week and have neck stiffness, nausea, heartburn and tiredness. I am now thinking I made the wrong decision on medication as I feel so bad and only noted one improvement, a tiny improvement in my hand . Everything I have read indicated dystonia from levo begins an average of 5 years from initiation . Should I delay this with the Azilect? I feel like I am treading water and sorting this out on my own. Both neuros recommended the second knee replacement. My next appt with the MDS will be at the end of October .The Ortho is willing and open to direction. It is enough to deal withe the diagnoses but I need guidance around the surgery and medication. Any direction would be appreciated. Thank you!