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Found 3 results

  1. lethe


    Tracking Parkinson’s with Advanced Technologies The Michael J. Fox Foundation is partnering with Intel to develop big data approaches for capturing patients' daily experience of living with Parkinson’s disease. Patients are the greatest experts on their disease. By learning more directly from them about measurable aspects of PD, such as slowness of movement, tremor and gait disturbances, we hope to improve research and treatment of the disease. We are assessing the use of wearable devices, such as smartphones and watches, to track PD 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Intel is developing big data techniques to detect patterns captured by the devices. Those insights could help improve the use of current Parkinson's treatments, assess potential new treatments, and point to new research directions for therapeutic development. What are big data techniques? We think of them as mathematical formulas. By applying these formulas to huge quantities of data — the wearable devices we're testing can transmit up to 300 data points per second per patient — researchers can extract new insights or make predictions. What does this mean for people living with Parkinson’s? For an individual patient, data analysis can give you a better picture of your daily life with PD to share with your doctor, and you can contribute to clinical research by sharing your de-identified data. The technology remains experimental with a small number of volunteers, but eventually we hope wearable devices could become a common aspect of living with PD. How can people with Parkinson's get involved? The next phase of our data gathering study will start recruiting in New York, Boston and Tel Aviv this fall. Register with www.foxtrialfinder.org to be alerted of this and other studies in your area. Want to learn more? Join our Webinar on Thursday, August 21, at 12 p.m. ET to hear from our experts and ask questions.
  2. TexasTom

    Favorite Smart Phone Apps -

    I have a Galaxy S4 cell Phone. Comes in handy, but picked up a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet so I can watch Netflix/Youtube (knee surgery next week) and have it as my larger format notebook. Used to keep pen/paper notebooks, but too slow writing things down. Much faster typing. The two synch applications and data nicely. I can use the tablet to control the cell phone (good for those shaky days!) I'm thinking of making a support stand to hold the tablet as my arms cramp if I try to hold it too long. I built my own CNC wood router (4' x 4' x 9") which is fun to create stuff (hmm, have used it in a while, apathy?) Some are already mentioned in this blog: http://kaitlynroland.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/parkinsons-apps/ Medication Log Evernote -- just handy way of keep notes (Dairy of food consumed, good/bad days to see if there is a corelation) Charity Miles -- can someone explain what that is about? I'd love to find a yoga (gentle stretching) or maybe I need to implant a cattle prod in my rear so when it goes off I have to bicycle for 30 minutes (knee surgery is going to mess me up on that one!)
  3. Hey All, This has been a great community to find information regarding Parkinson's disease. In return for the great advice, I would like to share something that I have recently added to my toolbox. Today, I came across a new press release regarding HealthTap's new feature of allowing users to see their doctor's network of trusted doctors, and I hope this is an interesting read to someone Link to press release: http://bit.ly/RWBvAM Jake