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Dr. Okun

Post of the Week: PD Dance Video pre-post DBS

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From Leilani Pearl at NPF:


Some of you may not be aware that we have a YouTube channel with 72 videos!


Today, I uploaded a new video called “I Just Wanna Dance” <

which features Kay Mixson Jenkins who was diagnosed with PD at the age of 34. Although she lives in GA, she travelled to Florida to undergo deep brain stimulation surgery at our UF Center of Excellence with Drs. Okun and Foote. This twelve minute video documents her DBS journey and I encourage all of you to watch her inspiring story.


A film student named Jim Harry made this movie and worked with me to add the NPF details. The last screen features our helpline number and web site.


Kay is the founder of our “Parkinson’s in the Park” chapter and she is the author of a children’s book: “Who is Pee Dee? Explaining Parkinson’s Disease to a Child.”





Leilani Pearl

Director of Communications

National Parkinson Foundation

Ph: 305.243.7951

Fax: 305.243.6824

Cell: 305.322.3828

lpearl@parkinson.org <mailto:lpearl@parkinson.org>

www.parkinson.org <http://www.parkinson.org/>

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