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Medication Schedule

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Attached to this post you will find a medication schedule that, Mark Comes, the moderator of "Ask the Pharmacist", and a person with Parkinson's Disease, believes is a great tool for people taking a few different medications. Parkinson's patients take quit a few medications and he has found this is not only the best way to keep track of your medications, but also to keep track of any side effects, changes in medications, and daily changes in your condition as well.


As Mark States:

You can either download and print this document to write on it. Or, since many Parkinson's patients have trouble, you can just fill it in and save it on your computer. Once saved, you can either be printed, faxed or e-mailed to your physician a couple of days before your appointment.


All you need to do:

Fill in the date in the upper left hand corner

Input the name of your medication under "medication"

Input the strength of the medication under "strength"

Input how many tablets you take under the "time" portion


At the bottom you will see a section entitled "notes." This is for you to keep track of what may have happened that day that was not routine.

You can put what you ate, exercise, how you felt at a specific, when were your "off" times, etc..


You can use this when you first start your meds, starting new meds, trying to figure out the best time to take your meds, or if you have someone taking care of a loved one.

Trust me, the more information your physician has, the better chance you have at increasing your quality of life.

This has really help me control my symptoms and timing of my meds to give me the best quality of life I can have.


You will need Microsoft Excel in order to open and view the attached file.


med schedule.xls

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