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Dr. Okun

Can I use a Speech Enhancing Device with a DBS Device?

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You will need to determine if your speech enhancing device has a magnet in it by calling the company. Devices that have magnets or magnetic properties should be kept 6 inches away from DBS batteries. Magnets if held over a DBS device for a few seconds may cause the device to cycle off—and if held over them a few more seconds to cycle on. One way to simply test your speech device (if it has a magnet in it) to see if the magnet is strong enough to cycle the DBS device off is the following procedure with your doctor supervising---


1-Check to be sure the DBS device is on with your remote control; confirm it is "on."

2- Hold the new speech device over the top of the DBS device for two to three seconds.

3- Recheck the DBS device to see if it is still "on."

4- If the DBS is still on then it is unlikely to interfere.

5- If it shuts the device off then you will need to keep it 6 inches away from the DBS battery.


If you cannot determine if your speech enhancing device is magnetic or not after calling the manufacturer it leaves you essentially with two choices.


1- keep the device 6 inches away from the DBS battery

2- or follow the procedure above and determine whether the speech enhancer actually can turn the device off.

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