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Adult stem cell vs Embryonic stem cell therapy

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My father, who has been suffering from Parkinson's Disease for the last 11 years, is eager to try adult stem cell therapy after reading in the media about the successful use of adult stem therapy for PD.




Most of the news items on the web, including the article on MJF foundation web site, and discussions in this forum advocate caution when considering stem cell therapy, but do not differentiate between Adult stem cell and Embryonic stem cell therapy.



There are a few articles and testimonies which discuss the success of adult stem therapy for PD.






Is adult stem cell therapy a viable option for PD? Is age a concern when considering adult stem cell threapy (my father is 74)?



Sandeep Asokan

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Be careful of all of these anecdotes and testimonials. This is a promising therapy, but currently it fails to completely reconstitute the brain's circuitry, and has the potential for tumor formation. This is true with both types of stem cells.

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