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After DBS

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Hi Dr. Okun,


My husband had DBS left brain/affects right side 3 months ago and I believe we have not reached the optimum results so we are patiently waiting .. I've seen him fall more than a few times and he falls on the right side. Is there an explanation on both the falling and why the right side?


He also feels the tingling sensation from the knees down not just the right leg but the left leg as well.. We were advised that as long as it is tolerable and we have more on times, we should overlook the tingling sensation. Question is since is only the right side that should be affected for the most part, why is it that he feels the sensations on the left leg as well. Is this an indicator that his unilateral DBS is potentially affecting both sides ? and that he may not need the other operation?


He is a candidate for the other side of the brain operation but we are waiting for the 6 months mark before we make any decision? What is your best advice in our effort to decide whether to go for the other side operation?



Thanks much.

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Its too early to make a determination on whether to do the other side. The most important thing is to optimize side one. Tingling in both legs is likely not from a single DBS unit (you may turn it off and confirm this finding). A neurological examination may reveal neuropathy or another cause. The falling is a risk of DBS and you should determine if it occurs both on and off DBS. If it goes away with the DBS off then optimization of programming is needed. If it doesn't go away could be PD or worsening post-op from the DBS insertion. Some people also walk less well post-DBS from over-aggressive medication reduction. Hopefully that gives you some guidance.

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