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Dealing with family

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Well I plan some frank turkeytalk tomorrow.the reality is we all need all the support everday not just holidays

no more convient denial

no more excuses

If you want estete helpget a Elder Law Lawyer, they are very good and cheap


Happy Thanksgiving All

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My hubby is 75, has had PD for about 20 years, and still won't accept it. The garage is full of bikes, motorcycles, and sports equipment that he hasn't been able to use for about 10 years, but he won't even talk about getting rid of any of it!


The other night I went grocery shopping (my only social outing) and it was raining when I came home. I had to unload all the groceries out in the driveway and got soaking wet. I tried to start a conversation by saying how nice it would be to get my car in the garage. He just looked at me as if I was ridiculous.


He doesn't drive because I won't let him (even though he can't control his arms or legs and his reflexes are non existent). Planning ahead is impossible


I've finally realized that I am caregiver and scapegoat! I can't reason with him because he isn't there anymore. I choose to stay with him, but sure isn't easy.

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