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Ongoing Case Study - Nutritional Protocol - Attacking PD with Everything

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not going to discuss every supplement you are taking but coq10 was subsequently shown to not slow progression, even at 2400mg/day and i think vitamin-c study showed vitamin-c did not slow progression.  same with vitamin-e


i agree pd is mainly an environmentally caused disease where are genes give us all different ability to withstand chemicals and physical injury to our brains and some of us drew a really crappy rare combination of common genes that predispose us to pd.  i also picture pd as possibly being caused by 1 or more events when we were younger that killed a lot of cells in the substantia nigra that produce dopamine but because we have  a surplus of cells or maybe our repair mechanism worked better when we were younger it took a years for enough cells to die naturally, i've read we lose may 1% of our dopamine producing neurons naturally so if we lived long enough everyone would get pd, that we eventually show symptoms, after which nothing is going to bring those neurons back to live and natural death brings on a slow progression.


think about it, it the brain could be so affected by supplements as to change dopamine production, why don't we go insane when we eat a steak with ounces of amino acids that could be converted to dopamine from tyrosine?  we don't, the brain shuts down dopamine production if too many amino acids get into the brain.   so why don't those supplements drive dopamine production thru the roof in a healthy person? 


why don't people who go on a hunger fast exhibit pd symptoms?    they don't.   my point is that evolution has produced a brain that does everything it can to tightly regulate it's biochemistry and neurogenesis.


agree exercise is a great idea.   i tried chelation therapy, first at a MD's office using I.V.'s of a secret mixture for 8 I.V.'s then switched over to andy cutler's do it yourself procedure for a month, quit when i didn't get any better.  tried I.V. glutathione for a month, didn't feel any different.   have tried a lot of supps, still progress, maybe slower, who knows? 

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Hi RandyL3. I know you posted in 2015 and now it is 2018! But, I saw your question about ketogenic diet and it makes me wonder if you were on it then and perhaps now, too. I am trying to find someone who has been on it a long time.

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