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Costochrondritis & swallowing discomfort

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After 2 months of testing for what we thought was GERD and possibly hiatal hernia, now appears to be, Costochronditis. Inflammation of cartilage in my ribs, next to the esophagus.


I am wondering if you are familiar with it and if so, do you have any suggestions for swallowing when it is inflammed. Cold and hot beverages bother and I must chew my foods ever so small.


I cannot take Ibuprofin or Aleeve as they cause gastritis.


Physical activity, especially strength exercising aggrevate it. This is especially difficult since exercising is critical for us parkies and I have been active more entire life.


Any additional suggestions you have are welcomed.

Thank you,

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Pain with swallowing should always be evaluated by a physician and a speech-language pathologist.  It is not possible for me to determine what might be causing your pain during swallowing without seeing you in person because there are too many possible causes.  I hope you will find the help that you need.




Leslie Mahler, PhD, CCC-SLP

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