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Where do I post on the Forums?

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The Forums are divided into three distinct areas:


Forum Information
This area is reserved for announcements and helpful information pertaining to the use of the Forums.  If you need assistance with the use of the Forums please post a question in the PF Forum Member Service Center.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs) are also located in this area as well.


Medical Questions
All of the forums that are listed under Medical Questions are moderated.  All new posts and questions do not become visible on a Forum until the moderator of that Forum approves it.


Unmoderated Discussion
All of the Forums listed under this category are open and unmoderated. 

Please refer to the brief descriptions listed beneath each Forum name for guidance on where to post.  For instance, any medical related questions posted in the PF Forum Member Service Center will go unanswered by any of the moderators on the Forums.


Enjoy and Happy Posting!

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