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vocal exercise during playing a sport

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Dear Dr.


I am recently diagnosed with EOPD and my speech and swallowing are ok for now. I would like to be pro-active in terms  of my mouth/throat/vocal   exercise. When I play a sport i.e. hitting  a ping pong ball, or bouncing a basket ball,  I like to work on my vocal status as well i.e. shouting out very loud words " yes", "no' ' revenge" "what". Do you think it's good ideas for me to continue to do this?  If yes any words that you would recommend for me to shout.  I play a sport with a robot as such I can scream as loud as I want


Thank you PinkDaisy

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Shouting during physical exercise is sometimes part of the game and is fine but it won't take the place of speech and voice exercises that target normal loudness and speech that is easy to understand in conversation.  I am glad that your speech and swallowing are "ok" in your perception but it would be better if you had an evaluation with a speech-language pathologist (SLP) who is an expert in speech and swallowing tell you that.  The SLP could teach you about speech and swallowing changes associated with PD and discuss possible future treatment options.  I have had many patients come to me for an evaluation who thought they were "ok" and I had a different assessment.  Together we worked out a plan for treatment that was mutually acceptable.


As someone with EOPD, you want to learn speech and swallowing exercises that will maintain your function for as long as possible for work and social participation.  You have important things to say and the goal is to have people understand you easily.


Please write again if you have any further questions.




Dr. Mahler

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