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Stem Cell Opportunities for Parkinson's Is Being Offered

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The Parkinson's community has been waiting many long decades for "the cure."  Kathrynne Holden from Chew on This posted an article from Stemgenex in which a Parkinson's patient gives a testimonial about how improved he is after his stem cell treatment.  We used to pooh-pooh all these stem cell treatments because they were from questionable clinics in foreign countries.  Now the stem cell treatments are being offered here in the US for Parkinson's which seems implausable because the research has not demonstrated the claims.  I asked Kathrynne about this posting and she concurred that there are no research studies that she is aware of that substantiate the company's claim for Parkinson's disease.  She will be tracking down true research results when she gets the time.  What is being offered is only testimonial and we all know how unscientific that process is.  There was a company in Germany, X Cell or something like that, offering stem cell treatment for Parkinson's and patients who were desperate would go there and post about their "cure" only to need another treatment in about 8 or 9 months and then we never heard from them again.  Finally the German government shut them down.  An infusion of stem cells may very well lead to a short benefit but then the Parkinson's disease seems to continue the process that kills the dopamine cells and the disease continues its relentless progression.  I don't know what the companies are charging but it can't be cheap-and definitely not going to be paid for by Medicare.  Stem cells obviously have a positive benefit in certain circumstances-but not yet in Parkinson's-the factors causing the death of the dopamine cells has not be stopped.  I wish the news was more hopeful but we just not there yet.


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