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Michael Ehlers

Is there still a chance for success?

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Dr. Okun,

I'm 63

Diag 1/2006

Thin and take 3 Sinemet (25-100) every 2 hours


I'm in the middle of a nightmare and wonder if all is lost.


After qualifying for DBS surgery back in April 2016, I finally had my time to see the benefits of DBS.


Had stage 1 on Monday 9/26. Went okay but I had some anxiety towards the end because I was off meds.

The following  Monday 10/3 I had the wires installed. Both seem successful.

2 days later I began to feel week and wheezing. My PCP had me get an Xray and blood drawn. I have an infection in the blood results and pneumonia in my right lung.

I'm on antibiotics and Mucinex. So basically I picked up bacterial pneumonia (probably at the hospital). Pneumonia seems to be in control


But PD wise my stomach cramps up everyday, and the absorption is not the best. And all I can do is shuffle my feet.

From the anesthesia and pain meds I had become constipated for over a week and had to use a suppository 2 days ago.


I'm scheduled to get the programming done this Friday, 10/14.


Is there a chance I can be as good on DBS as I would have before?



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Yes, there is a recovery period that can last weeks and sometimes longer.  You need to give your stomach time to adjust and also you need time to get anaesthesia recovery....and also programming and medication changes.  It takes us 4-6 months in many patients....

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