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Michael Ehlers

DBS and recovery time

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Maybe this was assumed but not discussed much.


Dr Okun,

I had my stage 1 on 9/26, stage 2 on 10/3 and got initial programming 10/14.

But I had my scalp cut open and brain surgery performed. Maybe it's not the same as a tumor being removed, but won't there still be some serious healing going on?

The top of my help I cannot feel when I scratch it, I half about a 7 inch scar in front, and my skull still looks puffy.

Am I wrong or wasn't this very serious surgery that will drain our strengths and take some good amount of time? I got programmed Friday 10/14 and I had 3 anxiety episodes over the next 3 days. And yesterday  10/17 after 2:00 I was drained of energy and was starting to wonder if something was wrong with me.


Isn't this normal?


You read about all the good results but not much about the seriousness of the procedures.



Feeling more like a patient,


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It can take several months for the trauma of the surgery to heal and to get back to a more normal existence following DBS surgery.  Some people bounce back quickly, but others need weeks to months.

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