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Mucus built up in throat after dbs?

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I was given a tool to help make sure you get all the air out of your lungs from the hospital. Supposed to use it every hour while awake for the first few days. If I feel any buildup I use it early in the morning. The way the tool works is you exhale completely to empty out the air in your lungs, then breathe in slowly as much as you can. I was told the purpose was to get the bacteria out of your lungs to prevent pneumonia.  I had surgery a week ago. If I do this in the morning it seems to get better.  

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Anytime a foreign object is inserted into your airway your body tries to encapsulate it in mucous and expel it from your body. This is the body's natural defense mechanism. As Kaydee said, using the incentive spirometer forces you to expand your lungs and cough, thereby expelling the mucous. It should diminish after a few days. If not, give your doctor a call.

If the secretions are thick, you can take some guaifenesin (Mucinex) to thin it.


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Cut down on diary, milk, , sugar including candy and cold foods. Drink hot water as a habit all the time and drastically reduce or eliminate all sugar intake. eat warm foods all the time. Mucus will go away. Spirometer helps too. Reducing dbs frequency to 130 or below and pulse width to 60 might help too. Bi polar settings another option to try. Key is to turn ON correct electrodes for stimulation 

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