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I need help please

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My husband is new to Parkinson's and Vascular Dementia, was diagnosed in April. He is experiencing strong tremors, shaking so hard it looks like he is tap dancing, making it difficult for him to move and walk about. This just happened in the last hour or so. He has mild tremors, usually under control with Carb/Levo taken four times a day. Is there any thing I can do to help him? I know he is scared. His BP is up slightly, I am sure due to this issue. Thank you for your help.

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Pathfinder ---

Oh, big hug.  There is a National Helpline that is pretty good:



This is the Parkinson's Disease Foundation site (they recently merged with NPF or vice-versa)  They are pretty good at fielding questions while you are trying to get through to your husband's MDS.

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