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im 2 days post stage 3 and feeling good, Honeymoon feeels goood. My body isn telling me when its med time ans so I forget to take my meds for a few hrs.almost feel normal .

Murray sorry to hear how complcated it got foryou, glad they got you turned on and got a taste of the magic box. i've had 6 surgeries since nov and I think when all is said and done its been worth it.still not time for fisst bumps and high 5s. brain sweeling and infection is still a threat.


SWVA, thanks for the comment for my daughter i'll passs it on if she doesn't stop bythe forumand see it. she did spend 6 months in s america about 3 years ago.

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I wish you the best on your recovery.   Just got my PICC removed yesterday and I am back to work today.  No more sitting at home attached to awkward tubes and a pump.

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Glad to hea  rthis.i had stage 3 this past Mon and my next event is 5/11. the turn on UpdateStage III scottsuf@blogspot.com




I am happy to say this past Monday I had another


successful Stage III surgery. I say this with extreme


caution because of what happened last time with an


infection looming just under my skin, waiting to come


out. Stage II and III went just like last time, but I seemed


to take more of it in. I didn’t remember so much of my


surroundings the first time, and I acted like I was still


under the happy juice for a good while the second time around. When I


came around in recovery after my phase 2 surgery wanting a pizza,  I did everything I could think of to get one. The poor


girl transporting me didn’t know what to think. I tried


to get her to stop on the second floor at the cafeteria. I


even offered to buy lunch for everyone! They were happy to get me to a room I’m sure. I


continued to have fun though. My room nurse came in


at a shift change to ask the usual questions, you


know, "What’s your pain level? Where does it hurt?" Well, I


answered about a 2 or so and then busted out laughing


as I pointed to the baseball stitches across my head, as if to say "Where do you THINK it hurts?!". It


just struck me as funny, and I cried I was laughing so


hard. The nurse finally got it and cracked a smile.




My current status  has me at home taking it easy, waiting for the turn on day. To


refresh your memory, that was the day they found the infection and removed all the hardware last time.


That’s not going to happen this time. I feel better overall. One concerning side-effect has


been some confusion. Docs say that it’s not uncommon to experience some


confusion during fist couple weeks after surgery. We’re keeping an eye on that


for certain. With that, I’ll fade back into cyber space while I heal up until I have any more news.

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I am glad you have success this time. :)  I hope you get past the confusion soon.   I am anxious to hear how the programming works for you.  

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i'll let you know, right nowas I sit here i've not been off since stage 2 on 4--10. i go to bed witthout symptoms and get up a few times in the nightstill able to walk and on. I get up in the morning about 9 stilll on . My wife reminds me to take meds. i was told to take my meds like normal andwe'd  work on reducin when im turned on. 

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Scott, thank you for your update.  I'm so glad to hear things are going well this time and that infection seems not a part of your recovery.  You've had a long road!

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On ‎4‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 1:56 PM, ScottSuff said:



Thanks Scott.  I was just pondering and praying if I should go back.  I think your story has inspired me.  I am feeling nervous about a second time.  My brain has been through some trauma! I can tell you details in a PM if you like.  I felt an urge to reinvestigate and I see your welcoming news.  Persistence can be good if used wisely.  I admit I have had "ups and downs" since the DBS surgery (emotionally).    I have already had wonderful healing and recovery, but it has been slow.  I just had the taste of the awesome results of the programming enough to know it can do great things for me.  If I didn't have that, I wouldn't contemplate going back so much.  I hope and pray you are doing well and no infection will result this time!  Sounds like you are doing great and should be past the window of high risk.

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Sorry for not updating sooner.


Another Surgery!

The title is correct, I'm 10 days post op right shoulder replacement redo. I probably didn't post much 


or anything about my failed shoulder replacement 23 month ago. The original plan was to have my 


bad shoulder replaced and working properly before DBS. That would have been great, but I'm not 


calling the shots.The shoulder was from an injury 37 years ago in the weight room. It probably was a 


small tear in the rotater cuff that healed on its own. Arthritis built up in the joint over the years and it


would flare up at times, and it finally got in the way trying to battle the PD. Remember exercise is 


vital in the fight with PD. Getting back into the game required a successful DBS and shoulder 


replacement. I don't really like having to go under the knife multiple times for success, but if I'm 


going to have any quality of life my remaining days, I had to do it! On 8-10-17 I had my 10th surgery 


in 2 years. So far, so good, with the shoulder. I'll know more this week after the first post op doctor 


visit. The DBS is going good. I've reduced the amount of meds I have to take significantly,most 


symptoms are gone or reduced. My biggest struggle has been with my voice and swallowing. It's


been over 3 months of  fine tuning the neurotransmitter to get my voice back over a whisper. I was


 aware of this side effect and accepted the possibility, praying we could program a better outcome if 


needed. That's where I'm at currently. Arm in a sling, doing therpy at home, healing once again!

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Scott, our thoughts are with you.

My wife had rotator cuff surgery as the tendon was 90% torn.

Two days later we had the call for "Emergency Transport Needed" of a 12 week old puppy with an Intussusception,  which occurs when a portion of the intestine folds like a telescope, with one segment slipping inside another segment. Poor guy hadn't eaten in six days. Oh crud.

Thankfully another family in Houston was able to pick him up and meet us halfway. Glad to say the puppy got emergency surgery, and a week later is a rambling little pup!

My wife's only comment was "when do we go?"





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