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Placement of neurostimulator

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Dear Dr. Okun,

i had DBS surgery completed the end of April. I wondered whether it is possible, once the battery needs replacing, to change the location of the device. Presently it is on the left  side which is where i originally wanted it to be.There didn't seem to any substantial reason  for either particular side of the body. My neurosurgeon usually puts it on the right. Since surgery I have wished that i had it on the right. When i stiffen with any wearing off of medications the area around the device gets  very tight and there are  unpleasant sensations underneath the battery and the device feels like it is crawling or pushing itself into my throat. My Parkinsons symptoms started on the left side, have progressed to the right, but have  not been as severe. I do have a bilateral system. It is also impossible to play the violin with the placement  of the  of the violin and the leads on my neck. Never thought this would be an issue because i  thought i would never play again, but i could now primarily for my pleasure. I don't think this dilemma needs  to be resolved but my question is: is it possible?;ved no r wikl it perhaps be  relevant as my Parkinsons progresses and will most likely bed a situation where the benefirt does not    outweigh the risks. My question is:  is it possible?

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