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MRI guided DBS

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I heard there was a new development of having DBS and not being awake for it.I wonderd if there were others here who had it.



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While sleeping through DBS sounds good, I could see issues from the procedure.

Neurosurgeon and OR staff was checking my functioning during the procedure. At one point turning the lights off (way down) so my eyes could follow a laser pointer while looking at the wall.  Nerve impulses converted to audio, so you could hear it when I moved my eyes.

It was a six hour procedure, bilateral lead placement. In over all scheme of things a very little amount of time.  Admitted surgery isn't for everyone, but I would expect more complications being asleep during everything.  Just amazing to my mind to tell my fingers to tap my thumb, and do it every time.

Regardless of what you have done, there is a good reason to make sure the Neurosurgeon, you go with, does what he feels most comfortable doing.


Oh, I did have "frameless" BDS which was done in four parts. 

Part One: Two Hour 3T (High resolution) MRI of the brain. Fully Sedated.  Map is generated of the brain structure.

Part Two: Fudicials Placed. My "shrek photo"

Part Three: Surgery Day (day after fuducial placement). CT w/ contrast was done real time, MRI image overlayed with that.
Six hours awake, out last 20 minutes while cables are run and stitched up.  The Guide is screwed to your head, imaging is real time.

Part Four: Battery Placement. Out for that one. Oddly the one I was most sore from.



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