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Removlel of thread

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I am extremely disappointed that you the entire thread started by linda.  I am a christian and have enjoyed  a number of posts on that thread. My faith is the only way I am able to cope 

with this awful illness. Now I understand that not everyone has the faith that I do and thats fine, if they dont believe then they should just not read the thread!! Its as simple as that.

They have a choice to make :  1.  Dont bother to read the thread b/c it doesnt purtain to you

                                                  2.  Or read thread and try to make trouble.


That thread provided alot of  encouragement to many people.  Isnt that what this web site is for?? To encourage one and another.

By removing the entire thread you are taking away some source of comfort for many of members of this group. Now I dont call that supporting one another Do you??? 

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 I appreciate that this forum is offered to those of us with PD.  Its the only place some of us have to turn to where we are free to speak about our condition and receive support.

However, by locking the Christian thread the Admin have rewarded certain malicious individuals while punishing many others undeserving of punishment.  Instead of stopping the bullies they have encouraged them and in doing so actually propagate the unacceptable behavior.

That thread gave some a fighting chance against apathy and depression.  Am I wrong that I assumed Admin were NPF employed so therefore knowledgeable about PD?  That thread was taken from people who already lose too much each day.

I post this with all due respect and ask that the Admin reopen the Christian thread and block the combative individuals from posting on it.

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