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If a DBS stimulator is turned up as high as it will go, will it (or the leads) explode - or what will happen if it is at maximum power for too long?  (This is a question from someone who has had PD for over 35 yrs., had DBS many years ago, &, is now finding little to no relief - and doctor has warned against turning it up any more.)  Thanks for any advice.

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First, I am very sorry for the delay in response to your question.  The system underwent an upgrade and the software change captured some questions which we have now located. Please accept our sincerest apology.

It depends on how close to fiber bundles and neighboring structures the DBS is located....Jacking up the current usually leads to side effects and you should keep in mind that in many cases tremor and other symptoms may worsen. There are however cases where turning the current up is helpful so it is a trial and error process.  The FDA has set a limit to avoid tissue damage, but it is unclear if this limit is the correct one as many patients seem to have used higher doses without apparent side effects....of course we can't see the tissue!

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