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Plant Paradox

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Pretty much 100% off sugar and and entirely lectin free.

Finding it interesting that diabetes meds and Folinic Acid treatment for Cancer have been showing some promise in slowing down the disease trajectory. Interesting because I am no longer eating sugar and this diet is extremely high in naturally occurring Folinic Acid.

It is helping. Or my lifestyle changes in general are helping. I determined to heal my gut-have been constipated for 40 years! Is helping in that department. Yay. Also, my tremor is much less noticeable. Cramping too. 

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Hi Otolorin,


The book is called, The Plant Paradox, by Dr. Gundry. I purchased it on Amazon. 

As a side note, my husband just started it (he has terrible stiffness and inflammation way worse than me)and this morning for the first time in months he walked up the steep stairs in our home without holding on to the railing. Could all be the placebo effect...but I don't think so.

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This is the folinic acid article:


So then after reading I queried foods high in folinic acid and voila they include lots of the bitter greens.

This is the diabetes drug article:


And, the diet eliminates all sugar (the keto version)

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