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Not Diagnosed, However Need Advise

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15 hours ago, DaveN said:


Congratulations on not being diagnosed with Parkinson's. I'm sure that must be a load off your mind. You still have some waiting to do to see if your symptoms will clear up on their own.  Try not to focus on everything and remember to excercise.


Thanks Dave, I was expecting a Dx so it was nice to get a hopeful break from that idea for awhile. I just need to put this in a box for awhile, stay healthy and just see what God has in store for me. 

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I just got a DIP diagnosis two years after discontinuing a neuroleptic. 

My symptom started on one side but now are on both. I personally think it's interesting that the sides behave differently. I've taken to feeling like my body is a separate person because it just doesn't listen to me. 

The MDS I saw said a diagnosis is complicated because of the meds I took. The decision to go off all your meds is desperate but understandable. I share it with you.  

For two years I walked along looking like an unhappy, defeated old woman until CBT made me realize I'm not. 

Lessons you might learn:

You are not a foolish hysterical woman dealing with her stress with hypochondria. 

Do your best to stand up straight, walk with long a confident stride, look people in the eye, smile and speak clearly. 

And if you tremble like an aspen, talk like a drunk and walk into doorjambs then grin and wink. 

Even if you have major depressive episodes they are not anything to take lightly. Respect yourself.  


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