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Ambulatory EEG after diagnosis

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My mom was diagnosed yesterday, but I suspected PD all along. She's had a stroke (2014) and also brain tumor (2000.) She also has Diabetes, kidney disease, sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, hypertension, incontinence and near-constant fatigue. She is just 69, and despite these conditions she moves okay (albeit, very slowly!) and tries to have a good attitude. My question though is....

IN addition to an MRI and an EEG, her doctor has ordered an "ambulatory EEG" to be done for 3 DAYS in her home. She does not have seizures though. Anyone else have to do an ambulatory EEG? I'm wondering if it's really necessary b/c it sure will be an inconvenience to her current situation. Or if the doc just wants to do it for monetary gain?

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Wanted to make sure you got a response.  


I haven't heard of an "ambulatory EEG" previously.  I think if I were you (assuming you go with your mom to her doctor appointments) that I'd be asking a lot of questions about what (s)he's hoping to learn from such a test that can't be learned from less invasive/costly testing.  If you can't get a straight, sensible answer to that I'd advise mom to skip that test.  


One thing about any medical condition, and PD is no exception, is you have to be an advocate for yourself (i.e. your mom) or on behalf of your loved one if a caregiver (i.e. you).  Doctors, prevailing assumptions on many of their parts notwithstanding, are not God, and they are not infallible.  Just because they have M.D. after their name, and you don't, doesn't mean you have blindly trust everything they tell you.  

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