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New guy here - a journey I'd like to avoid

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Glad your Doctor is putting you on Azilect. I’ve been on it with no other drug for 4 years this April. I just want you to know that it has very mild Benefits on Symptoms no matter what stage you’re in. Some say if any! We are all very  different, particular drugs work on some and not others. I’m preparing myself to start L-dopa in the next few months. I’ve had a great ride on Azilect but the ride is coming to an end. Progression has been very slow for me and I give credit to my heavy exercise regiment , positive thinking, positive people I keep around me and Azilect....exactly in that order.

best of luck


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Here's another article about exercise.  It says *strenuous* exercise seems to slow Parkinson's progression for those in the earlier stages. 


I've been exercising, but not always strenuously.  (And my feet don't react well to running.)  I am going to up my game by joining the local Y -  I'm going to buy some personal training in order to avoid injury.  And I am going to take they Y's high-intensity classes.  That is my plan.  Maybe it doesn't slow the progression - but what are the alternatives?

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Hi Jul,

I read the article. Thanks for sharing.

One of the lead researchers opines that high-intensity exercise does a better job of improving brain vascularity and neuronal blood supply.   

I'm with you on boosting exercise. I'm thinking about joining a Tai Chi class to add to my lap swimming.



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I've stopped posting in this thread, but wanted to make one last comment:

It's been a year since (September 2017) when i visited a general neurologist because of a tremor and then logged into this forum looking for answers. 

In June 2018, I was formally diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and this week (September 2018) is the first time I'm seeing it in my medical records.

Ah well...  I didn't avoid this journey after all.

But, Life goes on...I will find a way or make one.

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