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DBS - Frameless & Rodless

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Hi folks,


Been a while since I've dropped in to the forum. But I wanted to let everyone here know that next Wednesday (9/27/17), I'll be in surgery to place the leads for DBS. Following Wed., 10/4/17, I'll have the battery installed. First programming session is on Tuesday, 10/10/17. He is doing a frameless DBS which means I won't be attached to a halo. Rather, a lead feeder will be screwed onto my skull over each hole to insert the leads. Dr. Patel in Austin, TX is one of 6 neurosurgeons in the USA qualified to teach this procedure to other surgeons. He's done a lot of these, obviously. I know I'm in good hands.


But, and this is the interesting part, standard frameless DBS still required 5 rods to be attached to the crown of the head so the computer model of the brain would have reference points to track any movements of the head. At the end of August when I had my initial consultation with Dr. Patel, he indicated later that week they were getting in a new machine that no longer required the rods to track movement. I guess it does it by some other method. If he was satisfied with the accuracy of the machine by the time of my surgery, he would be using it and I would not require even the five rods to be installled the day before. Well, last week I received the call that he's going to be using the new machine. So now the only thing being attached to my head is the lead feeder. How cool is that?


Anyway, I'll be starting a daily blog journal on my PD blog beginning Monday (9/25) and planned on running it through 10/10 when I get my first programming. We'll see how far it goes from there. But thought it would be informative to detail my experiences with the procedure, as well as give family and friends a place they can get updates on how I'm doing with it. Anyone here is welcome to follow my blog if they are so interested. Go to https://rickspdjourney.blogspot.com (no ads or selling going on there) and on the right toward the top, or for mobile phones at the bottom of any post right after the comments, you'll see a field to enter your email to follow the blog. Once registered, you'll get any blog post I make there in your email. You can unsubscribe at any time.


Sorry I've been gone for so long. So much to do and only so many hours in the day I'm afraid. But I figured many, including old friends, might be interested in my new adventure. I'll try not to be so much of a stranger. :)

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