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Nutrition interventions

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Jeff of Oregon - Thanks for this; the study looks interesting. What brand do you take? How long have you been taking this supplement? Do you feel different or have any biomarker indication of the impact of the supplement?  Linda

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This has been an interesting thread.  Hubby and I just started keto a few days ago.  His plan is to drop 60 pounds and get off his statins, and my goal is to lose 25 pounds and see how this affects my symptoms.    I need to be better about timing my meds with protein though.  I've been a carb addict my whole life and I thought that giving up sugar and grain would be my demise.  But I've lost my cravings after only 3 days.  😯  It's also been shown to help manage and sometimes heal autoimmune diseases (I've got Hashimoto's Thyroiditis) and just read this study that links autoimmune to PD. 


I'd love to find out that PD could be reversed with just diet, I wish.  (*If wishes were fishes we'd all have a fry, if cow pies were biscuits we'd eat til we die).  

*from my husband's childhood.  You're welcome.  

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Annemarcel - Good luck with this change! My experience has been that:

a) my Parkinson’s symptoms are reduced when I eat ketogenic,

b) the diet decided my optimal weight - I lost to a point and then stopped losing even as I eat the same. It really does feel like I’m at the right weight now. And

c) being lighter has encouraged me to exercise more, and exercise is the real medicine for Parkinson’s. 

Keep us posted of your progress. And keep moving! 

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